Singer 7258 Review – All In One With Amazing Easy Features

Singer 7258 Review: Whenever you are looking for a sewing machine for beginners, Singer 7258 will surely get your attention. This is mainly due to its quality and affordability. He even won the Best Buy Award from Consumers Digest twice, which alone is a testament to its quality and popularity.

Singer 7258 is a computerized sewing machine. It comes with 100 built-in stitches that include 9 basic, 8 stretches, 76 decorative and 7 eyelets in one step. It has an easy-to-load top-loading bobbin with a transparent cover, which facilitates the monitoring of the thread supply.

The machine that is being computerized comes with a sewing start/stop control and speed slider to sew without the pedal. The maximum sewing speed is 750 stitches/min.

There are automatic winding and automatic mooring function. The stitch width and length are set for optimal results, but there is an option to override. 6 mm is the maximum stitch width.

The up-down needle function is a blessing for quilters. This may not seem like a big deal, but you will know the difference once you get used to it. Imagine having an extra hand, this is how it feels.

Singer 7258 comes with double-needle and 13 needle positions. There is a built-in storage compartment. The automatic needle threader saves visual fatigue. An LED bulb illuminates the workspace. Singer Stylist 7258 has a 25-year limited warranty. Let’s see my singer 7258 review


The use of Singer 7258 makes winding the bobbin drop and threading quite easy. There is a clearly labeled threading guide that makes the threading process easy enough for any beginner to master in a very short period without orientation.

A set of six directional arrows is located just below the LED display and above the stitch selection guide. There are two up and down arrows to the left that are used to mark the stitch number.

There are vertical and horizontal buttons that adjust the length, while the left and right buttons are used to adjust the stitch width. When a stitch number is chosen, the length and width are automatically set, but they can also be changed to accommodate larger or smaller stitch requirements depending on the task in question.

Singer 7258Features – Review

Singer 7258 Features

The electronic sewing machine of the stylist singer 7258 is computerized and, therefore, it is very convenient to perform basic sewing tasks. Sewing machine singer 7258 Tasks such as needle threading and thread cutting are incredibly simple. The machine also has a stitch selection system with buttons.

You can choose any stitch from its wide variety of 100 stitches. It also comes with 76 decorative stitches so you can choose. A small LCD screen allows you to easily classify stitches and choose the right one. It also facilitates the configuration of the length, width, and tension of the stitch.

This award-winning electronic sewing machine by singer stylist 7258 also features a 6-segment feeding system that guarantees seamless fabric feeding. You don’t have to deal with stuck feeding dogs at any time. It also features a built-in reverse movement that allows you to sew from side to side.

You can also sew horizontally, which is quite impressive. The movement of the needle up and down is also programmable. All these features are designed to ensure that you can sew quickly and accurately.

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Ease of Use

The next part of this Singer 7258 Stylist review is the ease of use of this machine. Simply put, the Singer 7258 Stylist sewing machine is easy to use. The machine is loaded with a series of reflective features that will surely be enjoyed by amateurs and beginners. From its folding reel to its automatic threader, everything in this machine is quite simple.

One of the features that add to the ease of use of this machine is its speed controller with the help of which users can use this machine without the help of the pedal. This feature is especially excellent for beginners as it allows them to start using the machine at a slower speed, which can gradually increase as their experience increases.

In addition, the machine comes with an owner’s manual, an instruction manual, and a DVD. These allow you to understand the different features of this machine easily.

100 Built-In Stitches

Singer 7258 100 Built-In Stitches

The Stylist Singer 7258 sewing machine offers 100 preprogrammed stitches for you to choose from, including 7 automatic 1-step buttonholes. This is quite impressive and very generous considering its average market price.

It also emphasizes how much you can do with this machine and how useful it can be in a variety of different sewing projects. Not only your daily sewing needs but also more decorative and amateur seams, such as clothing manufacturing, clothing, and quilting.

Adjustable Sewing Speed

You have the option to configure how fast and slow your sewing speed is. If you are at a beginner level, set it to slow, but if you are at an advanced level, you can set the sewing speed up to 750 per minute.

Therefore, this machine will be ideal for teaching a newbie to learn to sew with a very slow sewing speed and for an advanced user it will be great in a sewing business. It will definitely help you finish your sewing project much faster and that means earning more money.

If you want to adjust the speed, all you have to do is slide the small handle to the left for a slower speed or to the right for a faster speed.

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Auto Needle Threading

Singer 7258 Auto Needle Threading

Threading is the process that requires more time and most machines face the inconvenience of not giving this option to customers. But, this model has easy threading.

It is quite convenient in use. From the spool to the eye of the needle, threading can be done in less than 6 seconds. It saves a lot of time and user effects.

The criteria for threading the needle are also scribbled on the machine. It is easy for users to follow. With the help of this facet, users can enjoy the convenience of threading and using the time saved in other important efforts.

Programmable Needle

Without obstructing the cloth, it can be easily removed from the machine. This is possible with the help of the function called programmable needle. The needle can be controlled in the highest position up or down.

In the upper position, the fabric can be easily removed from the machine. In the same way, when the needle is controlled in the low position, it can best serve to pivot, pad and apply.

This is the most innovative introduction in sewing machines and is also a reason that contributes to the sales of this model.


Lighting can be such an important feature of any sewing machine. It is vital that you sew with strong lighting around your workspace so you can see exactly what you are doing for those complex and precise projects and sewing jobs. Fortunately, Singer 7258 stands out once again in this domain.

This high-quality computerized Singer sewing machine is equipped with multiple StayBright LED lights. The lights are located on both sides of the needle, so they provide strong lighting from all angles and give the user a very clear and bright view of what they are doing, minimizing the shadows and providing the precision you need to enjoy a seam without problems.

LCD Display

Singer 7258 LCD Display

The LCD of the Singer 7258 is one of the features that stands out in this model. It’s just a small, simple screen, but it tells you everything you need to know, including the stitch you have currently selected, plus the length and width of the chosen stitch, and you can easily adjust those settings using the buttons provided.

It can be a bit tiring to use the arrow keys to scroll up through the numbers to reach a certain stitch, but this is only a minor defect and will not bother many users too much. The information on the screen is always nice and clear, and is a small and excellent feature, especially for beginners to help them get used to the machine.

Free arm

You can slide the removable storage compartment into the Singer 7258 to gain access to the free arm, allowing the user to easily sew the hems of the pants or cuffs of the sleeves. As the LCD screen, the free arm and the storage area that accompanies it is a small advantage of this machine, which helps to improve its usability and versatility in general.

How many buttonholes?

Singer 7258 How many buttonholes

Using the buttonhole foot, you get six buttonhole options in one step: two rivets, two buttonholes, and two rounded stitches. In addition, there is also an endless eyelet available on this machine.

These are especially useful for men’s clothing and warm clothes. Of course, you’ll want this for any other project that involves eyelets for

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Experienced sewers will know that some machines can cost very high prices, and with all the features and functionalities of the Singer 7258, one might expect it to be a rather expensive and high-end device. In fact, this Singer sewing machine is very reasonably priced and falls into the “midrange” category compared to other sewing machine price tags.

The Singer Stylist 7258 can be purchased for less than $ 200, which makes it a very affordable and attractive option for people with a limited budget or for those who are only testing sewing waters and do not want to make a large investment immediately. It is an excellent value option, in general.

Buying Guide Singer 7258 Best Computerized Sewing Machine

Who doesn’t want to have a sewing machine that offers excellent decorative and simple sewing patterns? However, there is more to that. You cannot deny the fact that the Singer 7258 is the best threading sewing machine available in the entire sewing machine market, but there are still some problems that are being raised.

There are some rumors spread about its configuration. However, problems can be solved once the instruction manual is read; After all, every detail about the product is mentioned in the manual. The stylish singer’s embroidery 7258 is better based on the features it contains.

Apart from that, there are some troubleshooting problems of the singer 7258 sewing machine that include the problem of the coil of the singer stylist 7258. Despite that, it is a worthy purchase and, surprisingly, not so expensive.

Singer 7258 Review: Opinion

Overall, the Singer 7258 is a great machine for beginners. However, it is certainly not for those who wish to perform heavy seams. Instead, it is more suitable for small-scale projects, since it makes sewing at home very easy.

In addition, it requires minimal prior knowledge about sewing. It also works efficiently to allow seams, quilts and soft decorations. Buttonhole sewing is a great advantage!

However, it may become noisy after operating for a while, but that may or may not bother users. However, it offers tons of features and the latest technology.

The machine, to date, has won 2 Consumer Digest Awards, which makes it even more attractive.

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