Singer 4432 vs 4452 – Best Powerful Heavy Duty Sewing Machine 2019

Singer Heavy Duty 4432 vs 4452 Both sewing machines have a powerful motor that can go through almost anything. Of course, it does not compare with a commercial-grade industrial device, but when it comes to DIY or boutique level projects, they will surely be reliable.

In this comparison chart, we will give you the difference between these two Singer models. But first, let us mention some similarities that will definitely interest you.

On the one hand, both Singer 4432 and 4452 have a metal frame that can contain the most important parts of the machine. They come with a stainless steel bedplate, a clear vision coil cover and a sewing assistant application that can help you with your sewing projects.

When it comes to accessories, don’t worry because both models come with four presser feet that include zip and eyelets. Keep in mind that with some lesser-known brands, you will have to make separate purchases for these feet.

Now, let’s look at their Singer Heavy Duty 4432 vs 4452 differences.

Singer 4432 – Short Review

Singer 4432

Singer 4432 has been quite popular in the United States. It made a name for its affordability and quality. Nor is it so late in features. You can call it an all-terrain, that’s why it became a beginner’s favorite. What made 4432 famous is that it is a sturdy sewing machine. Singer 44 series has a variety of sewing machines that differ primarily in terms of built-in stitches. 4432 is one of the best models specified in the 44 series.

Singer 4432 comes with 32 built-in stitches, which is quite evident from the ’32’ in the model number. The built-in stitches include 6 basic stitches, 7 elastic stitches, 18 decorative stitches, and a 1-step buttonhole. There is an automatic needle threader to save visual fatigue (the machine will thread the needle for you). Another easy to use feature is the top coil with a transparent lid. The transparent cover allows you to see how much bobbin thread you have left. The machine also comes with an easy to change presser foot.

Singer 4432 is a high strength mechanical sewing machine. Therefore, stitch selection is always done using dials (as opposed to buttons or the touch screen on a computerized sewing machine). There are separate dials for stitch selection and stitch length adjustment. Although the built-in stitch configuration is configured for optimal results, you can always override it to customize it. The maximum stitch width available on this machine is 6 mm.

For reverse sewing, there is a conveniently located lever. The needle position can be changed as it comes with 3 positions. The most discussed feature of Singer 4432 is its engine power. According to Singer, the engine is 60% stronger than other standard sewing machines. The engine under the hood can deliver a whopping 1,100 stitches/min (to be honest, that’s the type of serger type power). With regard to a machine for beginners of basic level, this type of sewing power is unheard of, making it an ideal machine for sewing multiple layers of thick fabrics.

Even with so much power, the machine does not vibrate at high speeds, thanks to the sturdy metal frame that supports the entire structure. You can store all accessories in a small storage compartment, which when removed gives access to the free arm. The extra-high presser foot lifter provides the additional space you need, especially when it comes to multiple layers of fabrics.

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Singer 4452 – Short Review

Singer 4452

If you are looking for a sturdy and affordable sewing machine for domestic sewing needs, then the 4452 Singer’s Heavy Duty sewing machine is here for you. This machine comes with all the necessary accessories and tools.

The machine setup process is also very easy and anyone can start working on this advanced heavy-duty sewing machine by following the user manual. The advanced machine comes with 32 built-in stitches. You can select the stitch you want and the machine will start working for you.

You can design a variety of garments and gifts for your loved ones using the built-in stitches and other easy-to-use machine functions. Of the 32 built-in stitches, there are 6 basic, 7 elastic and 18 decorative stitches available. The machine also has a 1-step automatic buttonhole. You can easily place eyelets on any fabric using the simple buttonhole functionality.

With the methods of decorative sewing, you can create crafts, clothing making, and other home decorations. It is an automatic needle threader machine that saves precious time while working on the machine. This automatic feature allows you to thread the eye of the needle without visual fatigue.

You do not need to feel frustrated while threading the eye of the needle since the machine itself performs this task and can start working on the machine immediately. It doesn’t matter if you are working on a small or large sewing project, this machine can finish projects quickly, as it comes with a maximum sewing speed of 1,100 stitches per minute.

The machine uses a powerful motor that improves the sewing speed of the machine. The machine uses a 60% more powerful motor than other traditional sewing machines. In addition, the machine comes with all useful accessories that are very useful while working on this machine in different materials and for different sewing projects.

You can take full advantage of this machine using compatible accessories. The machine uses a stainless steel bench that allows a smooth flow of the fabric you are working on. You do not need to stress while sewing on this machine since the machine gives you the best sewing experience with simple functionality. The company also offers a 25-year warranty for this product.

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Singer 4432 Design

As a heavy-duty machine, we would also like to talk about how good the construction is. The Singer 4432 is made of a durable composite plastic material with a good quality internal metal frame. This is important to make the machine more stable and durable for prolonged use. The framework will provide a stable platform while taking care of your tasks and preventing them from skipping. The stainless steel bedplate is also good for letting the fabric slide easily for a uniform and uniform result.

Singer 4452 Design

We are sure that you can already notice that the machine is designed for intensive use depending on the appearance and construction. It is very solid and straightforward with durable plastic material. According to some users, this machine is also heavier than the 4432 model so it can withstand a heavier load. It has the metal bed and dials control to make adjustments in stitch, length, width and position or tension. Its needle thread also has sewing guides engraved on both sides of the needle.

Singer 4432 Features

Singer 4432 Features

This sewing machine comes with 32 built-in stitches that match the product number, but just for information, the last number does not indicate the number of stitches, it is just a pleasant accident since there is another machine with different last The model number also It comes with the same amount of stitches. Includes 6 basic stitches, 18 decorative stitches, 7 elastic stitches, and a 1-step buttonhole. There is also an automatic threader, so you don’t have to thread them manually.

To facilitate the user, even more, the sewing machine has other easy-to-use features, which is the upper bobbin with a transparent cover that will allow you to see how much thread is left while the pressure presser is quite easy to change. As Singer 4432 is a high-strength sewing machine and not the most modern computerized machines, stitch selection can be accessed through dials. There are dials for stitch selection and stitch length adjustment that you can use with a maximum stitch width of up to 6 mm.

Singer 4432 boasts of its powerful motor that is claimed to have 60% more power than other standard sewing machines and can offer a fast result of up to 1,100 stitches per minute. It is not the most powerful engine that exists, but it is still strong enough to deal with most projects. With the unit, you will get an all-purpose foot, a zipper foot, a buttonhole foot, a button sewing foot, a seam ripper and many more.

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Singer 4452 Features

Singer 4452 Features

Like the 4432, the 4452 also comes with built-in stitches and, as we mentioned earlier, just because it is written with a different model, it does not mean that the unit will also have 52 built-in stitches because, in fact, it still comes with 32 stitches that They consist of 6 basic stitches, 7 elastic stitches, 18 decorative stitches, and a one-step buttonhole, so everything you can get from the previous machine is here. Its automatic needle threader will free you from doing it manually, while the top bobbin is also beginner-friendly.

Like many other heavy machines, Singer 4452 has the powerful engine it comes with, which the company says is more powerful at approximately 60% compared to many other normal sewing machines. However, as with many statements, it must also be taken with a grain of salt. This powerful engine will provide fast operation of up to 1,100 stitches per minute, so you can now work faster and more efficiently.

Included in your purchase, you will get foot for all use, foot for the zipper, foot for eyelets, foot for sewing buttons and many more. As a complement, you will also get a feeding or walking foot, a non-stick footplate and heavy-duty needles (size 16).

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Singer 4432 vs 4452: Major Differences

Color doesn’t really matter, right? However, the gray color of both machines is not the same. There is a small difference in that department. But what really counts are factors such as construction quality, stitch quality and usability. So let’s analyze these details below.

Singer 4432 and 4452 sew very fast. The engine has the ability to fix 1,100 stitches per minute. Threading and using both models are easy tasks. Despite being high strength sewing machines!

The interior is completely metallic, while the exterior is plastic. And if you are a beginner, then there is no better option here. Because the manufacturer has designed all 44 series machines with incredibly easy to use features. Such as single-pass eyelet, top-loading coil, automatic threader, drop feed, free arm, etc.

But why am I discussing the similarities between Singer 4432 and 4452? The answer is quite simple. I am doing it because there are no big differences to talk about here. The only distinction comes in the form of additional accessories.

Singer 4432 vs 4452: Comparison

Now, let’s compare Singer 4432 vs 4452. As mentioned earlier, both come with the same set of features and an equally powerful engine. What makes them different is the fact that Singer 4452 includes more accessories such as walking feet, clearance plates and heavy-duty needles that the company said are worth around $50 if purchased separately.

All in all, the decision is yours. In our opinion, both are equally good options if you are looking for a sturdy beginner and sturdy sewing machine. However, if you do not plan to use the additional accessories, we recommend that you choose the most affordable Singer 4432 because it still has the same capacity and if in the future you find the need to use those accessories, you can easily make an additional purchase when you are ready.

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Singer 4432
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Singer 4452

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