Sew Bias In The Round In 4 Easy Step

Sewing a bias tape is something that is already familiar to us and we could almost do it while we paint our nails, but what happens when we want to apply bias tape to a round work?

Below we will see the steps necessary for this technique.

STEP 1 Prepare the tape

  • Unfold the tape.
  • Place it on the wrong side of the piece with the edges of the fabric together leaving 3 cm of margin tape at the beginning.
  • Secure with pins.
  • On reaching the future point of attachment, cut the tape 3 cm more than the necessary length as a margin.

The key to tape preparation is to leave a generous margin of tape at the point where we are going to bind the tape. We will align this point with an existing seam (such as the seam on a sleeve, for example) or, if there is no seam, with the center back of the garment.

Place the wrong side of the tape with pins

STEP 2 Sew with the machine

  • Nail the needle about 2 cm from the point where we want to join the beginning and end of the bias tape.
  • Sew with the machine along the line of the first fold.

We will use the free arm of the sewing machine for round stitching. If your machine is older and does not have this sophisticated technology, nothing happens! We will sew more slowly, taking care not to pick up layers of tissue that do not touch and watching the fingers.

  • Finish about 2 cm from the end of the point where we want to join the beginning and end of the bias tape.
  • Take the work out of the machine.
Remove the work with a margin without sewing

STEP 3 Join the tape

  • Put a pin joining the rights of the unfolded tape.
Place the margin to be sewn with pins
  • Sew securing at the beginning and end.
Join the two ends of the tape to the bias
  • Open the seam allowances.
Open the seam allowances of the bias tape
  • Sew the piece of stitching corresponding to the first fold of the bias strip.
Top stitch the margin previously left

This is what the bias strip looks like with the first appliqué stitching. The closing seam of the ribbon coincides with the seam of the piece. Nice job!

Tape the bias placed on the wrong side in round seam

STEP 4 Sew the ribbon

  • Return from the right.
  • Cover the topstitch with the edge of the tape.
Cover edge with bias tape
  • Secure with pins.
Place pins on bias tape on right side of piece
  • Make a stitch about 2 mm from the edge of the tape.
  • Secure at the start and end of sewing.
Round stitched bias tape

For the most curious, an image of what the tape looks like inside.

Another way to practice round sewing is to cut a circle of fabric and trim it with bias tape. This way you will practice how to sew a bias tape in a curve and in around at the same time! After training, you can use your exercise as a mitt for the kettle.

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