DIY Pom pom headband

We can fight against the cold with scarves, gloves, hats and even XL Eskimo sheep wool coats. But what about a fun and sparkling touch for freezing winter afternoons?

Pompoms, whether in one color or in different shades and sizes, look good in all places because they are super friendly and make everything around them adorable. That being said, who doesn’t fancy a pom-pom-studded hairband that frames and highlights your face?


  • yarns of different colors
  • downloadable pom pom template
  • cardboard
  • small stationery clips
  • paper scissors
  • glue
  • cord
Template to make a pompom

STEP 1 Print the templates

  1. Download the template in which there are 3 different pom pom sizes.
  2. Print on plain paper.
  3. Glue the print onto a card stock to make sturdy templates.
Pom pom template glued to cardstock

STEP 2 Cut out the templates

  1. Cut out with the paper scissors the 4 pieces that make up the templates needed for 1 pompom.
  2. Fold the two tabs on each base to one side (it doesn’t matter which one, as long as the bases of the 4 pieces go to the same side).

We already have the templates ready to make 1 pompom. A good idea is to use a different colored card stock for each pom pom size. With these templates we can make a lot of pompoms as long as they are treated with love.

Trim and fold the pom pom template

STEP 2 Roll up the wool

  1. Attach the 2 template pieces.

Each pompom is made up of two halves, and in each half we use 2 pieces of the template. The way to place the templates for each half of the pompom is as follows:

Place the template to make the pompom
  1. Roll the yarn around the insoles.

In the pompoms of 1 color we roll all the yarn in each half at one time. If you want several colors, then I show you how: applying different yarns by areas we achieve the effect. Remember that to be symmetrical it is necessary to do the same in the second half of the pompom.

Steps to roll the wool of a pompom

STEP 3 Put tweezers

  1.  Face the bases of the 2 halves of the pompom.
  2. Put a clamp on each pair of bases to immobilize the pompom.

STEP 4 Cut

  1. Place the scissors to cut the different layers of wool.

Tip: do not try to cut the entire thickness of threads at once! With a zen attitude, go cutting from the outside in, discovering the different layers of color.
At the end, in order to cut more accurately, we put the tip of the scissors between the two template sheets.

Cut the wool from the pompom

This is what the half pom pom looks like once it’s trimmed. It’s kind of like a baby cryter.

Half cut pompom
  1. Cut the second half with the same method.
Half pom pom cut wool

STEP 5 Tie

  1. Cut a strand of about 30 cm.
  2. Pass it between the two discs of the 4 pieces of the template.
  3. Tie a strong knot that reaches the heart of the pompom.
  4. Make a second knot to secure.
Tie yarn to the pompom
  1. Remove the tweezers and templates carefully.
Remove template and clips from pompom

STEP 6 Hairdresser

  1. Trim the pom pom until it is round, smooth and smooth.

When the pom pom is knotted and free of corsets, you will notice that it has a slight oval shape and that some strands of wool are longer than others. Scissors in hand and in a place with ventilation (due to the fluff) we will give a round and smooth shape. The more you cut, the tighter and juicier the pompom will be. Be careful not to end up with a marble in your hands if you spend looking for the perfect shape.

Shape the pom pom round with the scissors

Pom pom ready to sew on a hat or to be added to a headband or ribbon.

Round and soft pompom

Pom pom headband

You can use a normal headband or, as in our case, a golden cord to place the pompoms. It was not necessary to sew them or put any glue, with a double knot between the strands of the pompom and the golden cord has been enough.

Cascade of pompoms in jersey

They can be added to garments, bags and accessories, ensuring a very original touch that will cause a sensation in any meeting.

Pompom keychains

Wool remnants, part-time work and looting at the neighborhood haberdashery are the order of the day. Meet for a coffee? Not! Better to meet up to do pompoms and chat.

Do you have a project that would earn more with a pair of pompoms? I am looking forward to seeing your creations!

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