How To Sew A Button Like A Pro

Dear friends, what better opening for a sewing blog than learning the ancient technique of button sewing.

We live in an ultra-technical society in which each little machine makes life a little easier (or complicated, depending on how you look at it). From the compact powder laptop to the ionic rollers that only need advice, we have a host of gadgets that we handle at will. But, what happens when we buy a pair of pants to wear that same night and it comes a little long? The most normal thing is to resort to the mother, the aunt or the neighbor.

If you are determined to start in the wonderful world of sewing, what better way to start than learning how to sew a button!

Let us begin!


  • button down garment
  • button
  • matching thread
  • needle
  • scissors 
Material to sew a button

STEP 1 Prepare the thread

  • Cut a strand about 80 cm long from the bobbin of thread.
  • Fold the strand in half.
  • Thread the needle with the double thread. Thread through the needle hole (eyelet) the thread that has the double part (it is easier).
  • Make a knot at the end of the two ends of the thread. 
Threading needle with double thread

We use the double thread because it is more resistant and the buttons need that extra. But, if you find it a bit difficult at first to deal with the two strands of thread, you can also do it a single strand. 

STEP 2 Sew the first stitches

  • Locate the place where the button will be sewn.
  • Nail the needle on the wrong side of the piece and remove it from the right side. 
Nail needle

The knot will be stuck to the wrong side of the work. It is possible that if we stretch with a lot of force, the knot goes through the fabric. In such a case, re-stick the needle and stretch with one hand while touching the knot with the other and making sure the knot is flush with the fabric inside out. 

STEP 3 Sew the first stitches of the button

  • On the right side of the piece, we pass the needle through one of the buttonholes (the one we want because it is round), from back to front. 
  • Lower the button along the strand until it touches the fabric.
  • Hold the button with one hand to prevent it from moving.
  • Stick the needle into the opposite hole with the other hand.
  • Remove the needle from the wrong side of the piece. 
Stick needle into the opposite hole of the button
  • Repeat this step 2 to 3 times. In the case of using a single thread, it will be about 5 times (until we see a strong stitch but without an exaggerated thickness). 
Sew button by hand

STEP 4 Sew the second button stitches

  • Nail the needle through the wrong side of the piece at the next hole.
  • Remove the needle from the right side of the piece. 
Sew button by hand
  • Hold the button with one hand to hold it steady.
  • Stick the needle into the opposite hole with the other hand.
  • Remove the needle from the wrong side of the piece. 
Sew on a button
  • Repeat this step 2 to 3 times as we did in the first couple of holes. In the case of using a single strand, repeat about 5 times. 

STEP 5 STEP ON the button 

If a button is very close to the fabric, when we have to pass it through the buttonhole of the garment to close, say, a shirt, it is very difficult because it has no margin. Therefore we will make a foot to the button with the thread itself so that it takes a little height.  

  • In the last stitch, we will not pass the needle inside the fabric. It will only go through the buttonhole, leaving the thread strand between the fabric and the button.
Make a foot to the button
  • Rotate the thread strand about 3 times around the button stitch base with your fingers. Do not over-tighten the threads or leave them loose. 
Spin thread around the button

STEP 6 Cast off the seam

  • Stick the needle into the stitch nest. 
Finish off a button seam
  • Remove the needle from the wrong side of the piece.
  • Pass the needle through the stitches several times to secure the thread.
Secure button seam
  • On one of the loops above, before stretching to the end, pass the needle through to make a knot. 
Tie off a seam
  • Cut the remaining strand with scissors.
Cut the remaining strand

Ready! Just as we have sewn a button with 4 holes, you can sew one with 2, or those that directly have a little piece behind with a single hole that doubles as a foot.

How to sew a button ready

Now you can run to the closet and take out all those orphan button clothes, which you have been accumulating for years! Remember that in some garments there are extra buttons stuck on the label; if this is not the case, we can always use buttons that are used less than can be transferred to another part of the garment (the button of a pocket or a neck).

In the next post we will know the main parts of the sewing machine, so the time has come to take the machine out and place it in a good place with natural light.

Until next time!


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