Emergency Sewing Kit You Must Be Needed

We must not lower our guard! The sewing machine also deserves a break, so in our travel sewing kit, in addition to the basic ones (scissors, needle, threads, and the occasional button), we cannot forget the tools for extreme situations where skill is not as important as saving the moment. 

Next, we are going to see a series of extremely effective materials to make arrangements in the heat of battle, following a calculated action-reaction strategy. When we return to our sewing studio we will have time to make the arrangements more polished.

Double-sided fleece

Taking the bass to a pair of pants is a sewing activity that can haunt us to the last corner of the most lost island. But, thanks to the double-sided heat-adhesive tape and the travel iron, we can easily solve this by placing the tape between the two layers of fabric and with a few hints of salt.

Double-sided fleece tape

Safety pins

Blessed safety pins, how much trouble can we get rid of! Carrying a few in your handbag is a good idea, and buying them as a baby, much more. The cap they wear at the end of the needle does not allow them to open by themselves, and in this way, we avoid a possible summer drama. To which you have a gap, between cocktail and game of mus with friends, you can take a few stitches in the area in question and return the safety pin with your colleagues.

Adhesive velcro

Easy as sticking a chrome, it should be noted that it is not a suitable solution for areas where there is tension in the fabric, such as a waistband or the back closure of a dress. Of course, for children’s clothes or closures where a button has disappeared, it can be very effective in a moment of “run, run, we did not get to dinner”.

Adhesive velcro

Automatic locks

A beach vacation isn’t until the bikini bottom shoots out from so much synchronized swimming on the high seas. Wearing silver and black snap fasteners in various dimensions is essential in the survival kit.

Automatic closures

Slow zippers

When it comes to the zipper arrangement, we could write an entire encyclopedia and we would surely need an annex.

Not for this reason are we going to stop commenting on a very common problem in the metallic zippers of jeans and in the much-loved makeup cases. The cursor gets stuck and takes a long time to slide, and we thought twice about brushing up on lip color. The solution is as easy as painting with the tip of the pencil the little teeth of the zippered mesh, so we “grease” it so that it slides again smoothly.

Pencil mine hack for hard zippers

These are some of the allied materials that cannot be missing in your suitcase.

Do you know any other trick or tool that can save us at a critical moment?

Later we will see how to plan a sewing project to do it during our holidays. We will see the material and the necessary steps so that once we land at our destination we will not lack anything at all.

For those of you with one foot in the sand, don’t forget to use sunscreen!

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