Coquette coat hanger

If you are planning to open a small boutique or do a vintage dress expo, forget about the cold wire hangers. These patterned covers can tell a special story for each of your favorite clothes. You can make one or, if you dare, a whole collection. They will adorn the interior of any wardrobe and are the ideal complement to hang a special garment or dress to give as a gift.


  • coat hook with fine hook
  • pattern paper
  • marker pen
  • printed cotton fabric
  • matching thread
  • paper scissors
  • tissue scissors
  • pins

STEP 1 Make the pattern

  1. Place the hanger on top of the paper and trace the entire contour with the marker.
  2. Mark the position of the hook.
Trace perch outline

STEP 2 Add length

  1. Add 10 cm vertically to each side from the end of the hanger.
  2. Join the ends with a straight line to form the bottom of the cover.
Add length to the hanger pattern

STEP 3 Add the seam allowance

  1. Add 1.5 cm of seam allowance around the entire pattern.
  2. Cut out the pattern with the paper scissors (never use the fabric ones!)
Add seam allowance to cover pattern

STEP 4 Cut the pieces

  1. Cut 2 pieces of printed cotton from the pattern we have made.
Cut two pieces of the hanger cover pattern

STEP 5 Sew the pieces

  1. Face the 2 pieces right and fix them with pins.
  2. Sew 1.5 cm from the edge, leaving 2 cm unstitched for the opening where we will pass the hook of the hanger.
  3. Secure at the beginning and end of each part of the seam.
Sew the two pieces of printed cotton

 STEP 6 Remove the volume from the seam allowance

  1. Reduce the thickness of the seam allowance in the curved part, so that when you return the right cover it does not bulge too much.
Remove bulk from seam allowance

STEP 7 Return from the right

  1. Turn the cover upright and iron the rounded shapes vigorously.
  2. The seam allowances for the hook opening are pushed in, cleverly concealing them with the tip of the iron.
Turn right the hanger cover

STEP 8 Hemming

  1. Mark the first round of hem at 0.7 cm with the iron. Backstitching beforehand as a guide helps when folding.
Mark the first round of the hem
  1. When it has cooled down, we fold a second round of hem of 0.7 cm as well and mark with the tip of the iron.
Mark the second round of the hem
  1. Make a backstitch starting and ending at the same point, ensuring the beginning and end of the seam.
Stitch the hem

STEP 9 Add ties

The last step is to sew some bows to the cover that, in addition to being cute, prevent the garments from slipping.

  1. Cut 2 strips 5 cm wide by 50 cm long (1 cm seam allowance included).
  2. Fold each strip in half facing straight and sew at 1 cm.
  3. Return to the right with the help of a safety pin and iron.
  4. Pass a couple of backstitches to flatten each strip.
  5. Hand sew the strips just before the end of each side of the hanger.

You can also use ties and ribbons that you have at home, it is not necessary to make them from scratch.

Add bows to the hanger cover

 STEP 10 Knot ties

  1. Make a loop with each strip.
Knotting Hanger Cover Ties

The cover is now finished and ready to find a friend wardrobe. One last detail to complete the project is to put a bag with aromatic herbs on with a safety pin.

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