Christmas napkin holder

Very special celebrations are coming. Whether it is with family or friends, receiving at home is your thing. One of the characteristics of a good hostess is to delight her guests with a sumptuous meal and a good atmosphere.

And since small details give great results, we are going to harmonize the table with some very matching napkin rings.


  • printed cotton fabric
  • adhesive interfacing
  • rustic lace
  • big eye needle
  • buttons
  • matching thread
  • knitting needle

Next we are going to detail the steps to make a napkin holder:

STEP 1 Cut the pieces

  1. Cut a rectangle 21 cm wide and 10 cm high from patterned fabric (0.5 cm seam allowance included).
  2. In the adhesive interfacing, cut a rectangle 20 cm wide and 9 cm high.

STEP 2 Interweave the stamped part

  1. Center the adhesive side of the interfacing (it shines brighter than the non-adhesive side) against the reverse of the stamped rectangle. A margin of 0.5 cm will remain without interfacing.
  2. Pass the iron hot and with steam. Do not drag the iron as we normally would. When we interlining, we touch with the iron, leaving a few seconds for the glue of the interlining to unravel and adhere well to the fabric.
  3. Let the piece cool down.

STEP 3 Pins and marks

  1. Fold in the horizontal half and put some pins.
  2. Make some marks to indicate the 3 cm opening through which we will turn the right napkin holder.

STEP 4 Sew

  1. Sew 0.5 cm from the edge of the fabric leaving the opening unstitched.
  2. Secure the beginning and end of each of the two seams.
Napkin stitching

STEP 5 Return from the right

  1. Go back from the right through the opening that we have left without sewing.

Turn one of the ends first and patiently stretch it out. Then do the second end. If they are made at the same time, the opening is filled with tissue and neither one side nor the other passes through.

Back right napkin holder
  1. With the help of the knitting needle, we will very carefully remove the corners.

Scissors are not recommended for this task, because they pierce the fabric without regard.

Tips drawn with a needle

STEP 6 Iron

  1. Tuck in the seam allowances of the opening.
Opening seam margins
  1. Iron the napkin holder with the help of the tip of the iron.

STEP 7 Sew the edge

  1. Sew 0.5 cm from the edge all the way around the napkin holder.

 With this stitching we close the opening and leave the piece more stable.

 We already have the napkin holder sewn, we need to add the button that will serve as a closure when placing the napkin inside. 

STEP 8 Sew on the button

  1. Thread the needle with a thread of cord of about 50 cm (it is preferable to work with a margin)
  2. Tie a knot at the end of the strand.
Threading cord
  1. Place the button in the middle.
  2. Sew the button with the cord taking your time. 
Sewing button with cord
  1. In the last stitch, do not remove the needle through the hole, but through the base of the button.
Last button stitch
  1. Turn the strand around the button.
Return to the button base
  1. Stick the needle under the button.
Button sewing
  1. Stretch the needle as we normally would until there is a loop of thread 15 cm long on the right side of the napkin ring.
Strand of cord
  1. Bind off from behind with a couple of stitches.
Napkin holder button finish

If you feel like it, you can review the technique of how to sew a button .

We already have a napkin holder ready for serial production!        

Before you dare to make a dozen of these endearing accent accessories, make one and try the napkin inside. In this way you can perfect the width, the length of the thread, the size of the button … depending on your table linen.

Christmas napkin holder with button

Now it only remains to remove the magret de canard from the oven and wait for the guests to arrive.

Christmas napkin holder

I hope you have a happy holiday season and that the napkin rings don’t shine brighter than your brand new hairstyle.

Until next time,

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