Brother XR3774 Review – Sewing And Quilting Machine

Brother XR3774 review: Are you looking for a sewing machine that allows you to not only sew but also give you full access to quilting? You should have in your hands the Brother XR2774, which is both a swing and quilting machine. A great sewing and quilting model that you can use for these projects.

Brother XR3774 It is versatile and has several features that will surprise you. It also comes with several accessories that you can use during sewing or quilting projects. Brother XR3774 is one of the least expensive sewing machines you can buy in the market.

This sewing machine has a total of 74 stitches that you can select for sewing or quilting. It is also one of the fastest machines that provide great sewing speed. No matter if you are a beginner or an expert, this machine will work well for you.

This Brother XR3774 review will give you additional information about the product along with technical specifications and other similar details. You can judge whether it is suitable for the projects you plan to complete. But before entering that part of the review, you must first learn what makes a sewing machine excellent.

Who should buy this model

There is a great chance that you have been looking at all the Brother XR3774 comments trying to find out if this is the right machine for you. Let me help you decide. Because it is an economical sewing machine, it will naturally not be the best there is.

Many other machines have many other features that are essential for a more complicated seamstress job. That is why it is important that you consider all the functions you offer before making your final decision.

What will be reduced to your needs, your level of experience and, of course, your budget? The truth is that most people looking for a sewing machine for some projects here and there will be delighted with this sewing machine.

Whether you’re quilting, making clothes or decorating your home, you shouldn’t have trouble doing the basic things. Many other reviews have described the sewing machine as a workhorse, and if you are a beginner looking to learn more, this machine is a great option for you. There are simply not many machines like this at this price.

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Brother XR3774 Features: Review

The XR3774 sewing machine features a manual dial that allows you to select the perfect stitch. In addition, the drop-down bobbin comes with a transparent cover that allows you to see every time you need to fill it. There is also a free-motion padding foot that will help you be more creative.

You can customize and personalize all your projects. Like all other Brother models, this machine features a top-speed coil that holds the coil in place. With 6 feeding dogs and a free arm that provides easy access to cuffs, collars, pants hems and other hard-to-reach areas, this sewing and quilting machine is exactly what you are looking for. Compared to other similar products, it does not come with an LCD screen or a knee lifter function.

However, this great machine is specially designed to meet all your sewing needs. What we really like about this device is that it is able to sew in reverse. However, it does not have the ability to release feeding dogs

Sewing and Quilting Features

Sewing and Quilting Features

As the machine is equally skilled in both sewing and quilting, it not only contains sewing stitches but also quilting stitches. It even includes a padded foot, in addition to having another 7 feet of sewing. In addition, the included table is extra large so you can handle the quilt-like something bigger with enough comfort. Simply put, this machine offers you an ideal quilting configuration.

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It is not always that the sewer receives adequate light to work on the project. That is why this machine is equipped with a backlight that completely illuminates the work area. It is not necessary to disturb people at night by illuminating the room and creating decorative crafts.

This machine has the best-LED light to allow the sewer to sew without considering that it is day or night. Brother XR3774 is a perfect tool for sewers that like to spend more time with their machine and make brilliant crafts.

Drop Down Bobbin

Drop Down Bobbin

I was delighted to discover that the Brother XR3774 sewing machine comes with a jammed automatic reel. Why does this make me so happy?

Well, the winding of the coil is a frustrating process that requires a lot of time and effort, and I’m glad that this machine has the automatic winding of the coil that will save me the trouble of fixing it on my own. I think that the folding reel is one of the best inventions since the sewing machines were invented.

The cover that covers the bobbin is transparent, which is another advantage for the Brother XR3774 sewing machine since it can track the bobbin thread and know when it’s time to change it without risking leaving it without thread. in the middle of a very pretty stitch

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The Brother XR3774 is not the fastest machine on the market, as it sews up to 800 stitches per minute. Most other machines sew up to 850 stitches per minute. But the difference will not be noticed if you are a beginner in sewing or do not work as a professional sewer.

The machine has a large workspace with the additional padding table that you can place on your machine. The work area is brightly lit with an LED bulb to make it easier for you to see your project while using the machine.

Needle threading

Needle threading

This sewing machine has an automatic needle threading system. This sewing machine maximum stitch width is 5 mm and the maximum stitch length is 4 mm. In addition, automatic threading reduces the fear of being punctured by needles. In addition, it reduces the amount of time spent trying to pass threads through the needle eyes.

Eight sewing feet

It is known that the right presser foot makes sewing easier and faster, and that is why the Brother XR3774 offers you 8 feet of high-quality sewing. These include buttonhole, zipper, zigzag, walking, quilting, narrow hammer, blind stitch, and sewing buttons. With these 8 feet of sewing, you can finish your sewing projects on time and spend an easy time while doing so.

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brother xr3774 Stitches

You will never run out of stitch designs with 37 built-in stitches so you can start immediately. Basic stitches, as well as decorative stitches, will be particularly useful for beginners who want to create a unique job but need some additional help. There is also a one-step automatic size eyelet for perfect eyelets.

Extra Accessories

Most automatic machines at this price come with minimal accessories. Specialized feet have to be purchased extra. But this unit comes with an additional 8 feet in the package.

That includes a zipper foot, a zigzag foot, a walking foot, a quilting foot, a buttonhole foot, an invisible stitch foot, a button sewing foot and a narrow hem foot.

In addition, you get a set of varied needles, a semi-hard protective cover to keep the unit free of dust and debris and four coils. It is an ordered and varied package that allows you to start sewing immediately.


  • free-motion padding and the free-motion padding foot is provided
  • It has a table with LED light area.
  • Several features are excellent for any beginner.
  • The sewing machine is easy to use due to the display table
  • The sewing machine is easy to use due to the display table


  • All the functions of this sewing machine are completely automatic. Therefore, you do not have the opportunity to adjust or customize them manually.
  • This product does not come with a long-term product warranty.

The warranty

Brother is confident in the quality of its product, offering a standard 25-year limited warranty, as well as access to free customer service.

Opinion: Brother XR3774 Review

What really would have made this sewing machine model perfect is the inclusion of a thread cutter. We may be asking too much, but that is the only thing we feel lost during the course of testing this machine.

Another thing to keep in mind is that, while this unit is quite charming on its own, if it has been present for a long time, you will not find the XR3774 interesting to play.

On the other hand, if you are starting or do not have much experience, settle for this machine and live happily ever after!

The rotating stitch selector, the large table and the automatic needle threader allow the hedgehog in the padding field to gain a quick advantage in the most experienced sewers, making him feel like a champion!

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