Brother SE600 Review – A Great Embroidery Machine

Brother SE600 review

Is the Brother SE600 sewing and embroidery machine the right choice for your sewing needs? I guess that question is what brought you to this Brother SE600 review. I always loved Brother’s SE’ series of combination stitching and embroidery machines.

They bring goodies from both worlds, sewing, and embroidery. The reason this series became so popular among sewers was that those machines had a wonderful balance of sewing and embroidery features.

Not so, the machine has too many embroidery features and less sewing type or vice versa. This was never the case, Brother combination machines always had the right balance between sewing and embroidery functions.

Of all the combination machines Brother has released, my personal favorite is Brother SE1900. Enough of the boring introduction, now let’s focus on the machine in our hands, the Brother SE600. This is a relatively new model and definitely has more features than the popular Brother SE400.

As I said earlier, Brother SE600 is a combined sewing and embroidery machine. You can sew and embroider regularly, so you’re practically rolling two machines in one, that’s why they call it a 2-in-1 machine.

Let’s Start to Brother SE600 Review

Why should you buy the brother se600?

The fact that the Brother SE600 sews and embroiders perfectly makes it a very versatile machine. Whether you are a fashion designer or just like embroidery, the Brother SE600 machine has all the necessary functions to complete tasks.

With Brother SE600’s work area illuminated in bright light, you can work comfortably regardless of the time of day or lighting conditions. The LED lighting on this machine is particularly useful when making free-motion sewing quilts or when handling colored fabrics.

Also, the needle thread feed pin mechanism is much faster on the Brother SE600 compared to other machines. Another reason to buy the Brother SE600 is its portability and simplicity.

These qualities give it a competitive advantage over other sewing machines. Also, the fact that this computerized sewing machine is conveniently rugged is another reason why it’s loved by both sellers and embroidery enthusiasts alike.

Brother se600 review who is best for…?

The dual capabilities are incredible, regardless of whether you like to sew or embroider. As I’ve already mentioned, most machines are good for sewing or embroidery and if you did both, you would have had to buy two separate machines. However, the Brother 600 changes the game. You can now do both on one machine.

The next thing to consider in this Brother SE600 embroidery machine review is whether this is a machine that a beginner can use. Well, the answer is yes. If this is your first time sewing or maybe this is your first time using a computerized sewing machine, then this is exactly what you need.

Easy to set up and understand, the instructions are simple. This is not a complex machine at all. But does that mean that once it is good for sewing and embroidery you will have to upgrade to a more sophisticated machine?

The good news is that the SE600 sewing and embroidery machine has everything you will need to create your crafts and you can use it for a long time. No matter your skill level, novice or advanced seamstress, you can bring your creativity to life.

Brother SE600 Full Features Review

Regular sewing features

As for regular sewing, Brother SE600 comes with 103 built-in sewing stitches that include a wide variety of utility and decorative stitches. It also includes 10 one-step buttonhole styles. The automatic threader threads the needle in an instant.

The top placement coil makes changing the coil easy. The maximum stitch width and length are 7mm and 5mm respectively. The sewing start/stop button and speed control slider let you sew without using the pedal.

The programmable needle up / down button is really handy while turning, especially when working with fabrics that can get out of your hands quickly. Presser foot pressure is automatic.

As a professional, I would have loved it to be manual, but it’s not a ‘must-have’ feature for me. The machine is a convertible free arm for sewing cylindrical projects. A drop power switch is provided to perform free moving jobs.

Another premium feature is the automatic thread trimmer, which can cut the upper thread and bobbin thread at the push of a button. This is in addition to the manual thread trimmer on the side. Brother SE600 can sew regular stitches at a maximum speed of 710 stitches/min. 7-point feeder dogs ensure consistent feeding.

Embroidery features

Brother SE600 Embroidery Features

The maximum embroidery area available on Brother SE600 is 4 “x 4”. Now this area is the same as that of the SE400, which I felt could have increased. The 4 “x 4” hoop is included with the machine. 80 built-in embroidery designs.

You can also import the designs you choose from the Internet, thanks to the USB port. 6 embroidery letter fonts are available on the machine. The best thing I loved about the SE600 is its LCD screen.

The large 3.2 “color touch screen is one of the best in the segment, if not the best. You can clearly see the selected design and also in color.

The display shows a lot of information, which can be difficult to digest at first, for that reading the user manual thoroughly becomes an important aspect to overcome the learning curve.

The option of plugging the USB device directly into the machine is a great blessing, which I always missed on my SE400 (the SE400 needed to be connected to the computer via a USB cable, on the SE600 you can plug in the USB device directly).

Brother SE600 has built-in memory to store your custom patterns. You also have the option of storing them on USB memory. The SE600 can embroider at a maximum speed of 400 stitches/min.

Compact and light body

This is the most obvious feature of the Brother SE600. You don’t even need to use it, just look, and you can know that it is a portable embroidery machine with a compact body. Dimensions are small, only 21.2 x 15.5 x 16.5 inches. Wherever you put it, it won’t take up too much space.

Also, because its weight is only 26.1 pounds, you can carry it anywhere conveniently. With this function, it is possible to embroider without restricting space and time. Even when traveling, you can bring your favorite embroidery machine.

Automatic threading

Brother SE600 Automatic Threading

I think most of us can agree that threading is the most frustrating part of using an embroidery machine. The Brother SE600 makes your life a little easier with its automatic threading feature. With the touch of a lever, the embroidery machine will thread the needle for you.

Automatic threading prevents eye strain, especially if your project requires multiple thread changes. Bright integrated LEDs illuminate the area around the needle. This makes it easier to see when embroidering, sewing dark fabrics or making free-motion quilting.

Easy to use

As with anything new, how easy it is to get started depends on your previous experience. For those who consider technology to be a challenge, it can be a learning curve to become familiar with automated and computerized features and functions. If you are completely new to sewing and embroidery, then the learning curve has more to do with the basics of the trade.

The machine itself comes with fairly comprehensive setup instructions, and it seems that most people find it easy to get started. It’s not super complicated, and certainly not for those with a little experience.

Built-in stitches

Brother SE600 Built-in Stitches

You can tell by the name of this machine that you are sewing and embroidering. If you are on a budget and need both, then the Brother SE600 embroidery machine may be the right choice for you.

Now, you shouldn’t expect top-notch performance from this sewing and embroidery machine. It will not sew or embroider as well as a specialized sewing or embroidery machine would. Rather, Brother SE600 offers the good of both worlds in good but not exceptional quality.

Something some people may also like about the SE600 is its built-in 103 stitches, including buttonholes. SE600 also comes with 6 letter fonts with adjustable size.

If you are a beginner or if you don’t feel the need to use your own stitches, you will appreciate that Brother has incorporated some stitches for you.

Drop-in bobbin

The Brother SE600 embroidery machine also has an insert bobbin, ensuring that you can open the small door near the needle plate to insert the bobbin. Also, since it is directly in your sewing area, you can easily control the amount of thread available and fill it as needed.

Since Brother promises that it is jam-resistant, you will probably never be forced to stop and make corrections on the go.

LCD touchscreen

Brother SE600 LCD touchscreen

The sewing machine has a large touch screen on the front of the sewing machine that shows the embroidery design you have currently selected. You can edit the design on the screen itself and preview what it will look like when your project ends. That is very beautiful.

Unlike other sewing machines, the Brother SE600 has a color touch screen that helps you better edit designs. You can change the thread color even from the available palettes.

Brother se600 software

Since it is a sewing and embroidery machine, it requires the software to function properly. The embroidery machine comes with some built-in standard functions and software. And you may never need any additional software or updates and be totally good with what comes by default.

But if you plan to do a lot of embroideries, you will find useful additional custom fonts for your projects or ready-to-use designs. You can simply transfer all of that to your USB stick and upload it to the machine. And you can easily create them with one of the following pieces of embroidery software:


Brother SE600 is a versatile sewing and embroidery machine that performs any of the sewing or embroidery tasks you throw at it. It is an ideal machine for fashion sewing, as well as for embroidery and for the home.

It comes with all the necessary functions you would need to perform a particular task related to regular sewing or embroidery. If you buy this machine, you don’t need to have a separate machine for fashion sewing or embroidery work.


  • Color LCD touchscreen.
  • It comes with 103 inbuilt stitches.
  • Allows the import of custom stitches.
  • It does both stitching and embroidering.
  • Visible and versatile working table.
  • Includes plenty of accessories.


  • Doesn’t sew on an area more than 4 x 4 inches.
  • The user interface isn’t very convenient.


End of this Brother SE600 review you know everything for this embroidery machine. The Brother SE600 comes with everything you need to get started on your sewing projects right away.

This machine is a sewing machine that can also be used for embroidery, so you don’t need to buy an additional embroidery machine, you can complete your projects with professional-looking results using only this machine.

It also serves as a great quilting machine or any sewing and sewing job you can think of. These are enough words from Brother SE600 Comments. Including all the great features of the Brother SE600, it is definitely a great option.

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