Brother SE400 vs SE600 – Best Embroidery Machine Comparison 2019

Brother SE400 vs SE600: Whenever I think of combined sewing and embroidery machines, the first one that comes to mind is the Brother SE400. It’s a machine that really made me say ‘wow!’ Its stitch quality, ease of use, features, and affordability made it an absolute king. He has been on the charts for quite some time. It is a champion machine. Now, Brother has introduced SE600, which is a superior model compared to SE400. The first comes with some additional features. Let us see what extras you can get with SE600 compared to SE400.

brother se400 – Short Review

brother se400

This multi-purpose sewing + quilting + embroidery machine is a versatile and powerful sewing machine. It comes with a lot of interesting features that facilitate your daily needs, be it repairing a torn jeans, making a quilt or decorating your masterpiece with a beautiful embroidery design.

The Brother SE400 embroidery machine has 67 unique sewing stitches and 70 built-in embroidery designs that give you a free hand to select the best embroidery designs, as well as the best stitch pattern for your craft project.

Brother SE400 Although this versatile sewing machine comes with an incredible feature that we loved is its ability to connect to the computer to transfer tons of beautiful embroidery designs that we have downloaded from the Internet to our computer.

This way, you can always have a new embroidery design ready to use in your next project. You can practically have an unlimited number of embroidery designs. You can also easily download firmware updates.

With Brother SE400, you will get a 4 * 4-inch embroidery area that is sufficient for home embroidery needs. Although some of the embroidery machines have a larger embroidery area as I said, 4×4 is enough space if you are buying this embroidery machine for home use.

The Brother SE400 embroidery machine has an easy-to-see LCD touch screen that makes this sewing machine very easy to use and operate since any embroidery design you choose will be displayed on the LCD touch screen.

Therefore, if you are a beginner and want to try embroidery for the first time or are thinking of replacing your previous embroidery machine, then the Brother SE400 computer embroidery machine is the best option for you.

The sewing machine recently obtained a new version and this one is more advanced and has excellent features on this embroidery machine.

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brother se600 – Short Review

brother se600

If you are looking for the best home embroidery machine that is also actually the best combination of sewing and embroidery machines, then the Brother SE600 will be perfect for you.

It has a large 37 “color touch screen, which would make the usual sewing and embroidery much more attractive and even fun. Actually, this also makes it a great sewing machine for children, especially if they have become familiar with the seam and now you want to present the embroidery.

It comes with a 4 “x 4” embroidery field, which is not very large in any way, but it will still work if you don’t like professional embroidery. You would also have a hoop, an embroidery arm and a foot along with the field.

There are also some advanced embroidery features, such as different thread colors, the ability to move the designs on the screen, as well as the ability to create letters in arcs.

Similarly, the SE600 supports the import of its own embroidery designs, which you can do using the built-in USB port. There are also more than 100 stitches that also include automatic size buttons.

All this is combined to offer a very functional embroidery configuration for you, and that without taking into account the fact that the SE600 could become the best sewing and embroidery machine for those who are dedicated to both sewing and embroidery and They would not like to have a significant commitment to any of them.

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Feature Highlights – Brother SE400

The Brother SE400 computerized sewing and embroidery machine is a spectacular sewing machine that has many key features hidden inside. Brother SE400 has a 4X4 embroidery area that gives you ample space to play with the fabric while sewing. It is a wide embroidery area that is a great thing to consider in an embroidery machine.

On top of that, the built-in super bright LED light helps you sew even in the dark and dim light. This light makes the low light areas on the sewing machine clearly visible to you. This sewing machine comes with an easy winding function that helps you set up the sewing machine and start your project. It has become so easy with this sewing and embroidery machine.

The LED touch screen is what makes Brother SE400 a great sewing machine because it shows all current settings. The button adjacent to the LCD screen allows you to choose the stitch you prefer or the embroidery design.

The machine also has an option for computer connectivity, so whenever you want any embroidery design on the Internet and you want to import it into this machine, you can easily do it. It has a USB port and with the help of a USB cable, you can connect the machine to the computer and import designs.

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Feature Highlights – Brother SE600

Feature Highlights - Brother SE600

This particular affordable sewing embroidery machine can sew, quilt and embroider. Versatility is his middle name. It comes with a bilingual manual and built-in tutorials. This shows that it is easy to use an embroidery machine.

In addition, it has 103 built-in sewing points. It also has 80 built-in embroidery designs, 120 combinations of plaid patterns and 6 letter fonts. Its large LCD color touch screen and its automatic thread cutter make it very convenient.

The Brother SE600 is compatible with the computer, which allows you to import designs from your PC. It also allows you to import designs downloaded from and other websites. If you still need other designs, this machine also comes with an embroidery card slot that you can use with Brother embroidery cards.

This embroidery machine also comes with features that help you edit and customize designs. These features allow you to rotate, increase the size and reduce the size of these designs. To make your sewing easier and more convenient, this machine provides a quick-insert coil system. The 25-year limited warranty that comes with Brother SE600 is an additional advantage.

The accessories included with this machine include a 4 “by 4” embroidery frame, an embroidery arm, a free arm, an accessory compartment, accessory feet, embroidery bobbin thread, USB cable, power cable and a bag of accessories. This affordable sewing embroidery machine will surely give your projects an elegant and high-end look.

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Difference Between Brother SE400 vs SE600

LCD screen

How big or small the screen is, it plays a very important role in regards to convenience. In that case, the Brother SE600 offers a larger touch screen. Besides that, it is a color screen.

The SE400 has a smaller screen, comparatively speaking. In addition, there is no color. Therefore, you are more likely to fall in love with the color details of the SE600.

USB Connectivity

Both machines are equipped with excellent USB connectivity. This is useful for getting machine updates and importing designs. But there are differences when it comes to connecting the units.

The Brother SE400 has the Type B port. In simple words, you need a cable for connection. As for the SE600, it has a traditional USB port. That means you can use your USB directly.

So what does this imply? That the Brother SE600 only requires a direct USB connection. Unlike the Brother SE400, it works only through a USB cable.

Embroidery Designs / Card

Now, this is where the Brother SE600 gets hit. It does not come with an embroidery card slot. But the SE400 does. And what about the integrated embroidery stitches? One is 80 and the other 70. The first, of course, is the Brother SE600 model. But in defense of the latter, you can also import designs. Cause of USB connectivity, right?

Sewing stitches and fonts

Since the SE600 is a high-end model, it offers more sewing stitches. And that is 103. This means a larger variety of stitch. Compared to the 67 stitches of the SE400! When it comes to letters, the SE600 is equipped with 6 of them. 1 more than the Brother SE400.

Brother SE400 vs SE600 – Weight

Weight means portability, right? Less weight equals more portability. And that is an advantage that only the Brother SE400 combined computerized sewing and embroidery machine offers. It weighs 10.9 pounds. Not like the Brother SE600 computerized sewing and embroidery machine. That weighs 26.2 pounds.

This, I hope, resolves the debate between Brother SE400 vs. SE600.

Brother SE400 vs SE600 – Finally

Ease of use and stitch quality, both machines are excellent. I have always loved the stitch quality of the Brother SE400. So I kept it as a benchmark while testing the SE600’s performance. I would say that SE600 lived up to my expectations. In fact, I am very impressed with the stitch quality of SE600.

So, it all comes down to one question. What machine will you choose? Since Brother SE600 comes with a color screen, USB memory support and few additional built-in stitches, I would say that I am a little inclined towards it. But at the same time, never underestimate the capabilities of the SE400. It is one of the best-combined sewing and embroidery machines on the market. I am a big fan of the SE400 and personally love it for its features and stitch quality. Then there is a dilemma.

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