Brother PE800 Review – Try To Check Before Buy This

Brother PE800 Review

In this Brother PE800 review before the start, you see the overview of this machine. Take your embroidery to the next level! Create dazzling embroidery designs with a 5 “x 7” embroidery field and see them on screen with the large color touch screen. The Brother PE800 embroidery machine features 138 built-in designs including 10 frame designs and 11 built-in fonts. Use the layout editing features to customize your project.

You can rotate, mirror, increase and decrease the size of your designs, and see what your edited design looks like, directly on the color LCD screen, before sewing. The PE800 is easy to use and thread, just follow the numbered threading diagram printed on the machine. Then, with the automatic threader, the thread is pushed through the eye of the needle.

Watch the step-by-step tutorials directly on the LCD touch screen. Topics include how to thread the Brother PE800 embroidery machine, how to position the embroidery arm, and more! This Brother PE800 is perfect for home embroiderers looking for a fast, versatile, and dedicated embroidery machine that they can grow with over time.

Let’s start brother pe800 review

Benefits of the brother pe800

When we talk about the benefits of the brother pe800 machine, the first thing that comes to mind is that it allows you to work quickly with its extraordinary speed. The machine certainly has many benefits because it is well built with some strong features. The user can enjoy the various designs and can even copy more patterns to the machine with the help of a USB port. You can create the best art using the features included in the kit.

Small changes can be made to make the pattern look more beautiful once it is drawn on the fabric. Users looking for a machine for large embroidery projects can also have it in their hands. It may not always deliver the result perfectly, but sometimes it can be managed. In addition, the machine comes with easy setups and a wide range of options to design more uniquely.

The biggest advantage is that you save a lot of time when you buy this product as it is fully computerized and comes with an easy to set up the bobbin and automatic threader. The price of the product is also very affordable and therefore you can even save on the investment made in your embroidery machine.

Ideal for you

The machine is very useful for almost all kinds of craftsmen, including beginners, intermediates and professionals. It is highly designed to provide good benefits to almost all types of users. The automatic needle threader and bobbin configuration are one of the best attributes beginners demand. Easy setup on the machine will help beginners do the embroidery job correctly and without hassle.

When it comes to intermediate users, the machine certainly offers some very useful features that will allow you to get the embroidery job done smoothly. Many kinds of letter fonts, led light and built-in thread timer are one of the efficient features for intermediate level craftsmen.

For professionals, the machine can become the best aid to undertake large embroidery projects. It has good speed and 138 built-in stitches that will allow you to always choose different designs and finish the task as soon as possible. The embroidery area given on the machine is also large enough.


This embroidery machine has been designed to achieve a specific objective and, therefore, was made to multitask. This is because brother pe800 has a large color LCD touch screen that helps you pre-search your sewing designs. Layout, like mirror images, can be edited, reversed, enlarged/decreased, and displayed directly before the finishing stitch.

And not only that, with the help of the built-in color palette, you can also choose individual thread colors. It is very useful for those who do not want to use the default layout. The stick machine has virtually unlimited stick designs since, in addition to 138 built-in sticker designs, you can transfer your selected stick designs from the Internet.

  • USB connectivity
  • 138 built-in designs
  • color touch LCD display
  • Large embroidery area
  • Easy to use

When it comes to Brother pe800, it works faster than other stickers. At approximately 650 stitches per minute, it is easy to sew. The system has a fairly easy bobbin winding system, so even beginners who haven’t touched an embroidery before can set up the machine and start their first project.

Automatic Threader

Brother PE800 Automatic Threader

An automatic threader is a great feature. You’re working on a design where you want to use different thread colors, and changing them shouldn’t be difficult. You can get back to work quickly without spending years trying to thread the needle. You can follow the numbered thread diagram and the threader will push the thread through the needle saving you time and effort.

This embroidery machine also comes with a thread trimmer to give your custom project the best finish. These features appeal to professionals who don’t want to waste time. They also help fans to finish their creations effortlessly.

Built-in designs

When it comes to embroidery machines, the number of designs available is one of the most important factors that lead the customer to buy or dispose of the machine. While this machine doesn’t have as many embroidery designs as the industry-leading Singer machines (around 200), it’s still the second-best machine with 138 diverse designs.

For those of you who love to embroider the names and letters of your loved ones on a cloth, this machine has 11 built-in fonts. There are 7 English fonts, 3 Japanese fonts, and 1 Cyrillic font style. These make this machine a perfect gift for lovers of embroidering monograms and letters.


brother pe800 Touchscreen

This Brother machine also includes a 3.2 inch LCD touch screen. The touchscreen also features edit modes, where you can change the color of your design, rotate or modify it quickly and easily. Brother called this display the “Sew Smart” color LCD display and is a great upgrade from the black and white displays found on some older embroidery machines.

Adding the full-color display lets you see your design exactly as it should appear on the fabric, true to color. The included edit mode allows you to change the colors of individual threads in your embroidery using the built-in color palette. Choosing the best colors for your project has never been so easy!

Easy to use

The machine comes with some very simple and easy setups that can be done by almost all users. All settings are clearly visible on the machine and therefore the clicks are very smooth. The manufacturer has correctly framed the machine so that it can be used easily and offer the best result. The bobbin and letter fonts are easy to maneuver.

Beginners can easily understand the machine settings. An owner’s manual is delivered with the machine that contains all the information about the product. You can review the manual thoroughly to get a clearer idea of how to configure and put it to use.


USB port Connectivity

Brother SE800 embroidery machine comes with computer connectivity capability. It means that you can connect this machine to the computer and import designs that your computer has or that you have downloaded from the Internet. You can download embroidery designs from

The USB port allows you to use a memory card to transfer embroidery design files from the computer to the machine. Plus, it has a built-in memory that lets you store some of your favorite designs on the machine itself.

LED light

The Brother PE800 embroidery machine comes with a built-in LED light, centered over the sewing area. If you are working in a dark room or sewing dark fabric, the light will ensure you can enjoy clear views, and if there is an error or problem you can see it right away and fix it.

The bright LED also helps put your embroidery design inside the hoop, especially if you are using multiple designs on the same hoop and need to make sure they are organized correctly.

Large area

Brother PE800 Large area

The embroidery machine has a large 5 x 7 ″ embroidery area giving you ample space to decorate a larger project, such as a jacket and other home decorations. The expansive sewing field allows you to work in larger patterns and combine various motifs with less rehooping.

This is a good option for home business owners who want to work on home decor and larger projects like coats and jackets. LED lights allow you to see every detail while embroidering dark fabrics.

Type of

This is an embroidery machine only without sewing function. If you only want a specialized embroidery machine, PE800 is an ideal choice. However, if you are going to buy a device that combines embroidery and sewing functions, PE800 is not suitable for you, unless you are willing to buy another sewing machine.


The price of the Brother PE800 machine is not very low, at around $500. So if you have enough budget to pay this fee, Brother PE800 is a perfect choice. However, if you don’t have enough budget, you can buy a cheap one first and change an advanced embroidery machine in the future when your embroidery skills improve.


  • USB connectivity
  • Large embroidery area
  • A lot of embroidery designs
  • Best for monogramming
  • Hat embroidery available
  • LCD touch screen


  • Embroidery only machine
  • A little expensive


At the end of the review of the brother pe800 embroidery machine, we can say that this is a good machine and can do the job as effectively as possible. It’s easy to use, it’s compact, and everyone in your home can use it. With the guide printed on the brokerage machine, the machine is easy to thread.

A wide colored LCD touch screen is what separates this sticker from the crowd. You can edit the club design preview before finishing sewing using the color touch screen. It has 138 built-in models and with the help of a USB port and removable memory, you can import more into the machine.

Overall the positives and negatives, we recommend the Brother PE800. With its versatility and computerized features, this machine will suit most, if not all, embroidery projects. As long as you know that you only embroider and don’t sew, you should have no problem with this Brother model.


Can you sew with Brother PE800?

No. Like its predecessor, this machine is also for embroidery only. While those who love two-in-one functionality (sewing + embroidery) should not buy this machine, those who love embroidery should definitely go for this machine.What software do we need for the designs?

Brother has its own proprietary software: PE-Design. You will need it to import file formats and convert them into “printable” layouts.Can I connect a computer with this machine?

In case your laptop or computer can be synced with PE-Design, you can use it to embroider designs directly from your computer.Is this machine good enough for bigger projects?

Since this is a single embroidery machine, a kind of specialized embroidery machine, you can use it for small to large projects, such as large T-shirts, bedding, tablecloths, and wall decoration, etc.

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