Brother PE770 vs PE800 – which machine best for me?

Brother PE770 vs PE800

Today in this post, the comparison of the brother pe770 vs pe800 embroidery machine. Brother pe800 is one of the most affordable embroidery machines you can get in the US. The USA The reason this machine became so popular is its versatility and embroidery design quality.

The selection of built-in embroidery designs and features available on the pe800 is quite impressive. A combination of great prices, great features, and quality designs made this machine popular. An interesting thing is that Brother also another old model similar machine with model number pe770.

Now, most people will be confused between Brother pe770 vs pe800. Both are similar in features, so we will do our best to help you make a decision. At first, we will look at the areas where these two machines differ. Later, we will see the Features as a whole. see the overview of these two machines.

01: Brother PE770 Embroidery Machine

The Brother pe770 embroidery machine loved by so many people. Whether you are looking for an embroidery machine for beginners or more experienced users, this model is a combination of affordable price and high performance. The computerized machine for embroidery only is ideal for amateurs and professionals.

Unfortunately, this model was discontinued but is still available online. The Brother company replaced the machine with a more expensive one, the Brother pe800. The new model has two more built-in designs, plus five letter fonts and a color LCD screen. The embroidery area remains the same: 4 “x 7”.

The sewers admit that a color touch screen makes the editing process easier. However, the difference between these two models is almost $300+, which is not affordable for some budget-conscious buyers.


The device has 136 built-in decorative designs, including classic patterns, splendid floral motifs, wonderful contours, and beautiful compositions to embellish children’s belongings. The PE770 offers 12 border styles and 10 frame patterns, ideal for home décor items in various styles. The embroidery area allows you to customize T-shirts, decorative pillowcases, and kitchen curtains.

For a lettering project, you can choose from lettering fonts. With this machine, you can easily change your design to create unique masterpieces. To download new decorative patterns or fonts to a built-in memory card, you can use a USD memory card. Extensive design editing includes size editing, mirroring, and rotation.

Ease of Use

Getting started with Brother PE770 Embroidery machine is very easy. It requires little effort to configure this machine. However, it is better to read the user manual completely, before starting. The stitches of this machine look great. The LCD touch screen is very easy to use. You can use the screen to select and edit designs.

You can also see some helpful tutorials on the screen itself. This embroidery machine can sew at a speed of 650 stitches per minute. Computer connectivity is a great feature since you can download designs online. We only need to connect the USB memory to the port provided in Brother PE770.

02: Brother PE800 Embroidery Machine

Brother pe800 is my best-computerized embroidery machine! Not only is it the best Brother sewing machine, but it is also the best-selling Brother embroidery machine on the market today! It is just an embroidery machine. This Brother sewing machine is capable of creating a wide range of great designs, even without updating Brother pe800 software.

However, if you choose to expand the list of your designs, you can easily plug in the USB and download it until your heart is satisfied. Brother pe800 tutorials are available online, to help you with step-by-step lessons, so you can embroider quickly and easily.

This machine requires a little patience and a little learning when you first start using it, however, it will be an excellent and very reliable addition to your workshop.


The Brother pe800 embroidery machine has a large 5 × 7 ’embroidery field, allowing you to easily handle larger fabrics, for example, home decor, jackets, and more. It comes with built-in memory, a USB port, 138 ready-to-use layouts, and 11-letter fonts as well.

This machine also comes with an LCD display, automatic needle threader, quick bobbing, and easy to follow design editing functions. This is a really great machine and it got a high rating on Brother PE800 reviews from satisfied customers.

Ease of Use

Brother PE800 is very easy to configure. If you follow the instructions correctly, threading is a walk in the park. Customizing the settings and selecting stitches is very easy, thanks to the easy-to-use LCD touch screen. The screen will tell you if something is wrong.

When it comes to the embroidery area, it is large enough for designers to do their creative work. The machine is tough with a very good motor inside. Sew beautifully. In addition to the USB port, Brother PE800 also has a card slot for old Brother embroidery cards.


If you loved your brother pe770, you will probably love the Brother pe800 even more. The Brother pe770 has been discontinued and replaced by this more advanced Brother pe800 embroidery machine. Specifically, when comparing the Brother pe770 vs pe800, you will find that the pe770 has a color LCD touch screen compared to the Brother pe770 black and white display, and it comes with a few more design editing capabilities.

Also, instead of the 138 designs and 11 letter fonts on the Brother pe800, the Brother pe770 has only 135 designs and 6 letter fonts. There are still 10 frame shapes on both, but the Brother pe800 has 2 more frame border designs. Both machines operate similarly and have the same maximum embroidery field size of 5 “x7”. Both also allow you to import your own designs through a USB flash drive.

Built-in Designs

Brother pe800 comes with 138 built-in embroidery designs, while pe770 comes with 136 built-in designs. Therefore, the additional 66 ready-to-sew pe770 designs give you more variety of stitches. However, one thing to note is that both pe800 and pe770 come with USB connectivity. So you can import designs from the internet. You can download any design you want from or other websites.

LCD Screen

Brother pe800 has a slightly larger touchscreen compared to pe770. The pe800’s screen measures 3.2″ inch LCD color touchscreen and the pe770 is 1.4 “x 2.7”. A larger screen is always better as you can better view and edit settings. They both have backlit displays, but the display brightness is adjustable in pe800, which is not the case with pe770.


Although both the Brother pr800 and pe770 have a 5 “x 7” embroidery area, the former comes with two 5 “x 7” and 5 “x 12” hoops. The purpose of the 5 “x 12” hoop is to combine designs with less rehooping. pe770 comes with a single 5 “x 7” ring.

Brother pe770 vs pe800 Side by side

TYPEEmbroidery OnlyEmbroidery Only
BUILT-IN STITCHESNo Sewing StitchesNo Sewing Stitches
EMBROIDERY HOOP1 hoop, 5″ x 7″1 hoop, 5″ x 7″
EMBROIDERY SPEED650 Stitches/min650 Stitches/min
PATTERN ROTATION1, 10, or 90 Degrees1, 10, or 90 Degrees
MACHINE WEIGHT27 pounds30.6 pounds
WARRANTY25 Year Limited25 Year Limited


Both are high-performance machines. When it comes to performance, you get the feeling that pe770 is slightly ahead. It is a hardcore embroidery machine. It doesn’t mean pe800 is inferior, it’s still one of the best entry-level embroidery machines available in the US. The USA We love pe800 for a variety of reasons, including versatility, ease of customization, and quality.

If you look at the features of both machines, you will understand one thing. The areas where it makes a big difference is the embroidery area and functionality. The smaller embroidery area of the pe800 would be sufficient for beginners and intermediate sewers to some extent.

Brother pe770’s 5 “x 7” embroidery area is vital for professionals. In simple words, go with pe800 if you are a beginner and go with pe770 if you plan on doing big projects.

Brother PE770
Brother PE800

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