Brother cs6000i vs Singer 7258 – Best Comparison 2019 For You

In this article, I will discuss the very popular topic of brother cs6000i vs singer 7258. To be honest and fair, both sewing machines live up to expectations. Then it is difficult to choose between the two. And it cannot be denied that both brands manufacture some of the best sewing machines. They are affordable and equipped with advanced features!

Therefore, it is quite common to want to resolve the debate between the two models here. In this publication, you will find all the features discussed side by side. That means you don’t have to go through the trouble of looking for them on your own.

There is also a very useful comparison chart that I decided to add to the article. And right after the comparison between Singer 7258 and Brother CS6000i, you will find another useful section. That’s where I compared the two giant manufacturers; Singer and brother.

brother cs6000i vs singer 7258 – Overview

Brother cs6000i

Brother cs6000i sewing machine

The Brother CS6000i sewing and quilting machine come with a variety of extras that make the quilting convenient, including a large table accessory. What makes the Brother CS6000i sewing and quilting machine special are the extras and the number of stitches it can handle.

First, the large table accessory is designed for padding and other larger projects. There are also eight padded feet to choose from. You can store your CS6000i in the included hard case. There are 60 stitches to choose from on the LCD screen, including 7 buttonholes. Brother supports the quality of this unit with a 25-year limited warranty.

Good Housekeeping recommends Brother CS6000i as a good computerized sewing machine for beginners. The reviewer found that it was easy to transport and use. They also liked how the complementary wide table worked well for larger quilting projects.

Grandma Likes to Sew recommends this unit as one of the best values for your money. The reviewer noted that automatic threading, sewing without a pedal and speed control were easy enough for beginners to use. Sewing from Home suggests buying the CS6000i for quilting projects because the foot support padding guide, wide table, and spring-action padded foot lent well to the padding projects.

There are more than 5,800 5-star reviews of Brother CS6000i on Amazon. Many of them use this model to make clothing, bags, accessories and other projects as part of their sewing business.

Many buyers were impressed with the number of stitch options they get with such an affordable machine. Another popular feature is the effortless threading of the bobbin and needle. The only common complaint was that the highest speed is not particularly fast.

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Singer 7258

Singer 7258 sewing machine

If you want the best sewing machine, you won’t be disappointed with the 100-stitch Singer 7258 computerized sewing machine. This highly rated machine comes from a recognized brand and has all the functionality you could ask for from a sewing machine, all at a reasonable price!

This computerized sewing machine is programmed with 100 different stitches, which include nine basic eyelets, eight elastic, 76 decorative and seven integrated eyelets. Choosing the desired stitch is as easy as pressing a button, and the optimal length and width are preselected for you, although you can customize them if you wish.

In addition, the Singer 7358 has a built-in needle threader, an easy-loading bobbin system, programmable needle position, double-needle capacity, presser foot, an LED light and more. In addition, it comes with a variety of accessories, including a zipper foot, invisible hem foot, seam ripper, darning plate and many more.

Reviewers absolutely love this sewing machine, saying it is rugged and easy to use, but also impressively versatile. It is a great option for both beginners and advanced craftsmen, and cannot be overcome in terms of value.

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Start with the basics

Both Brother cs6000i vs Singer 7258 offers a wide range of features. The cs6000i has 60 integrated computerized stitches, including embroidery, quilting, relics, garment construction and eyelets, seven eyelet stitches, to be exact. The 7258 offers 100 built-in computerized stitches, including 76 decorative stitches for crafts and embroidery and six buttonhole stitches.

Both machines have a direct coil system for easy loading, as well as an automatic needle threader that eliminates the time and frustration of threading the machine. Although both machines have computerized seams and LED touch screen capabilities, only Singer allows the user to override the system and choose the stitch length and width for maximum creativity. The Singer also features automatic tension, ensuring stable seams on all types of fabrics.

Stitch Features

The singer far exceeds his competition in available points. The cs6000i has sixty stitches incorporated, with twenty decorative designs. The 7258 has almost four times more, with 76 decorative stitches, which guarantees that no matter what the project is, you will surely have a range of stitch designs to choose from. The Brother cs6000i offers seven quilting stitches, while Singer does not have this feature. Both machines offer multiple buttonhole stitches, which makes a process that is often frustrating and time-consuming much easier.

The Singer 7258 has a metal frame of high quality and high strength that makes it the ideal machine for heavier projects such as quilting, sewing of home decor fabrics and work with heavy fabrics such as denim. It weighs a solid 14.6 pounds. The Brother cs6000i is a lighter machine in general since it does not have the metal frame. Although it is an excellent machine for making clothes and working with lighter fabrics, using it for heavier materials could make the machine “walk”, leaving the user with uneven stitches.

Ease of use and comfort

Ease of use sewing machine

If you watch some of the YouTube videos of both models, you will find it difficult to discern any noticeable difference in noise levels. Of course, as we mentioned in our Brother CS6000i review, it offers a higher sewing speed, so it can be a bit louder when you step on the pedal towards the metal, so to speak.

Either way, you get a comfortable noise level for both of you, definitely a big improvement over the dominant noise produced by sewing machines from previous generations.

In terms of practicality, as expected, Brother CS6000i wins once again thanks to its generously wide table. It will be very useful when you have large and thick fabrics.

It is strange that the Singer model does not have an equivalent characteristic considering how much more expensive it is. It doesn’t matter, the Singer 7258 comes with a cover for the feeding dog, which is useful for some smaller padding projects.

Also, keep in mind that Singer comes with a training manual that you can find in our Singer Stylist 7258 review, while Brother CS6000i has none. However, this can be irrelevant since both are very popular models, which means you can find a wide variety of tutorials and tips for both on YouTube.

Brother CS6000i beginner-friendly features

With a good combination of automatic features and accessories; It is a delight to work with the machine for any beginner. First of all, its threading system is easy and easy to use for any beginner.

The automatic needle system, the top-loading of the bobbin, the easy winding, the wide table with adequate lighting, the free arm, the speed controller, the Snap-On pressure feet are just some features that allow any newbie to feel as safe as a professional and successfully complete any project

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Singer 7258 beginner-friendly features

With its intuitive design and an impressive list of automatic features, Singer 7258 is perhaps the best machine a beginner can have in their hands. In addition, it has enough versatility to help one advance to the next level.

First of all, the ease of use of the machine is what fills the trust in any beginner. Other features such as the automatic needle threader, the upper bobbin loader with direct insertion, the transparent bobbin cover to control the thread supply, etc., are some highlights that eliminate any discomfort during sewing.

The programmable needle up / down gives the sewer flexibility to decide the position of the needle when the machine stops. This is crucial since keeping the needle down is a lifeline while quilting or rotating the fabric. While the speed controller helps any sewer to sew safely; The free arm is a blessing when sewing cuffs, necks, etc. The seven styles of the multi-step automatic buttonhole and various decorative stitches are a perfect arsenal for any beginner to complete projects that look professional.

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Which is best for beginners?

Both machines are great for beginners but the decisive factor would boil down to just a few factors. The CS600i is portable with extra options for everyday stitches. Thus, it tends to be more ideal for beginners. It is the perfect choice for beginners who are more inclined towards quilting. However, if you wish to gain expertise in decorative stitches and dream of drooling out more professional work; then the Singer 7258 is the sewing machine for you.

Which one is better for quilting?

better for quilting

The cs6000i wins here as it has a padding table, while the 7258 does not. Although cs6000i is a basic quilting machine, it should be enough to meet the needs of the new quilts. Since Brother has an extension table, it is more practical for many people.

You cannot drop feeding dogs on 7528, but you can do so with the cs6000i. One of the advantages of 7258 is that it has a dog feed cover if you want to work on a table runner and other small padding projects.

Which is faster?

When you compare the speed of brother cs6000i vs singer 7258, the cs6000i wins, as it can reach 850 stitches per minute compared to 750 for the Singer. Anyone who has finished sewing knows that spm makes a big difference, especially here, since they are 100 spm.

Both Singer and 6000i come with speed control, so you can sew at the pace you want.

Brother CS6000i design

From the outside, Brother CS6000i looks like an average computerized sewing machine. The body is built in white plastic material and a blue accent around the small screen. This screen is used to configure the machine and near it, there are four buttons to configure the machine and give it exact stitches. On the front, you will see the number of stitches you can do with the machine, which further improves the ease of use of the machine.

Singer 7258 Design

From the outside, the Singer 7258 looks very elegant just like the name of the machine. The material used to build the unit is plastic, but it is strong enough to carry out the tasks you throw at it. On the body, you will get a small screen to control the stitches with its navigation buttons, while below you can see the types of stitches available for you to choose. There are other buttons on the body to start the machine and some other settings.

Which one is better for you?

You need to see for what purpose you need a sewing machine and what features you would need. The SINGER 7258 sewing machine comes with 100 built-in functions, but if you don’t use them, it makes no sense to give preference over the Brother CS6000i just for that.

However, those who would be doing many decorating things, SINGER 7258 is an ideal option.

Brother CS6000i is compact, less expensive and has 60 built-in stitches. It is a good sewing machine for sewing at home and even for intermediate seams. The large removable table is useful for handling larger projects.

You must decide which sewing machine suits your budget and which one has all those features that you will use frequently.

Our comparison table would help to compare the sewing machine side by side, which lists all the similarities and differences of sewing machines.


So how can I compare Singer 7258 vs Brother CS6000i? Well, I’m definitely not going to choose the first one just because it has more built-in stitch patterns. Practically speaking, no sewer uses so many. But do they tend to undertake decorative projects? If so, the Singer 7258 computerized sewing machine is more suitable for your needs.

On the other hand, the Brother CS6000i sewing machine is an ideal option for beginners. In addition, the model is equipped with a large removable table. So when the time comes to take on larger projects, you can easily do it.

I have exposed the naked truth right in front of your eyes. All that remains to be done is to select a model. It is a situation in which everyone wins since there are no major setbacks in both cases. Now it’s a relief to know, isn’t it?

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Singer 7258

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