Brother CS6000i Review – Best Sewing and Quilting Machine

Brother CS6000i Review: Having a solid sewing machine that can complete many different projects is the prerequisite for any tailor, whether professional or amateur.

It doesn’t matter if you want to design your own fashion, modify and fix the clothes you own, create original home decor or simply fix a pillowcase.

Whatever the reason, obtaining a reliable and multi-purpose sewing machine can be a great investment in your quality of life.

However, choosing the right machine can be a daunting task. The sewing machine market is very saturated and the machines are quite affordable, so it is not surprising that there are so many options to choose from.

Today, let’s take a closer look at one of those options. Read our review of Brother CS6000i for more information on this model, its specifications, features, and warranty. Maybe it’s exactly what you were looking for! Let’s dive.

Benefits of the CS6000i

Benefits of the CS6000i

One of the main reasons we like this Sewing machine, and a large part of the recommendation of this computerized sewing machine for beginners and other users, is the ease of setup

The automatic threader will do the hard work for you. It also has easy to understand instructions, so even new users will understand how the thread system works.

Once the needle is threaded, the automatic winding system will take effect and be ready to begin.

With so many stitches at your disposal, it is an advantage to have the LCD screen to choose your stitch. Most machines will have a diagram on the side of the machine detailing the stitches (and this too).

Then you will have to move the knobs or levers to get the correct stitch. With the LCD screen, all you need to do is dial the corresponding number and your stitch is ready to begin.

We like that you have two ways to control the stitch speed. You can choose the speed through the LCD screen, pressing the pedal all the way down to achieve the chosen speed, or you can adjust the amount of pressure applied to the pedal to move between slow and fast speeds. Both shapes give you options when sewing.

A free arm will help you sew cuffs, sleeves, and hems, also creating them if you wish. For more complicated patterns, you can activate the automatic sewing function and have the sewing machine do the work for you while leaving your hands free to guide the fabric.

If you need to change direction, the stop/start button will allow you to change the position.

If you have any interest in quilting, this is a great machine for you. Not only does it have 7 padding points (more than many rival machines) but it also has a padding table.

The padding table is easy to install and attach to the sewing machine and provides a large surface for working large pieces of fabric. The table is sturdy and easy to use.

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Brother CS6000i Best For Beginners

The Brother CS6000i has the reputation of being one of the easiest to use sewing machines. This means that you don’t have to spend days reading a complicated instruction manual just to make some simple points. You can get to work immediately.

Brother CS6000i sewing machine Do not let the LED screen discourage you, it is just a way to show the information clearly without having to put everything in a small space, avoiding having to squint. It is very simple to use.

The work area is super bright, which means you don’t need to waste your money lighting up the room or ruin your eyes trying to distinguish what you are doing. There is even a large table for large projects and a free arm for smaller projects.

The machine comes with nine types of accessory feet and all the associated paraphernalia: needle sets, reels, bobbins, etc. You will not have to go out and buy extras.

At 13 pounds, it is easy to transport without any great difficulty. You can change from one workspace to another without much effort, carrying it under your shoulder if you wish!

Brother CS6000i Performance: Review

With more than 60 built-in sewing stitches (straight, decorative, application, heirloom, and quilted stitches), 7 styles of one-step eyelets and 9 presser feet included, this unit will surely provide many benefits.

At 850 stitches per minute, this model that is much faster than many other similar units available for sale will definitely help you create all kinds of projects.

While you are able to set the maximum stitch length and width, you can manually adjust them to customize the stitches.

However, keep in mind that the maximum stitch length for this sewing machine is 5 millimeters, while the maximum stitch width is 7 millimeters.

As mentioned earlier, the device also includes 9 presser feet such as zigzag, buttonhole, overcast, monogram, zipper, blind stitch, button adjustment foot, walking a foot and padding foot.

What I like most about this device is the fact that it can sew with twin needles, which means they can easily create hems.

Brother CS6000i Features: Review

Brother CS6000i Features
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For the price, this sewing machine for novice sewers is excessively delivered in ease of use.

It is one of the few units in this price range that comes with many features, including a start/stop button and a sliding button that controls the maximum speed of the device.

In addition, there is a selection of stitches on the LCD screen and an automatic needle threader located on the side of the sewing machine.

Just by touching the button, the needle will be threaded and prepared to sew. If you are an absolute beginner and are looking to buy a professional but easy-to-use sewing machine, take a look at this model that comes with many useful features.

The reverse sewing button is one of those practical functions that allow newbies to easily sew double seams without stopping to reposition the fabric on the device.

In addition, the machine comes with a large sewing table that provides the user with the space needed to carry out the projects and also allows sewing with the free arm.

Brother CS6000i Design: Review

Brother CS6000i Design

The Brother CS6000i is designed for aerodynamic sewing. Rolling the bobbin and threading the needle are simple tasks, especially with the automatic needle threader and instructions printed directly on the machine.

The sewing area is well lit and easy to use. It comes with a removable flatbed accessory that also serves as a storage compartment for additional accessories.

You will have to remove it when sewing things like hems and cuffs, but otherwise, it is quite useful. The machine also has a wide table accessory with legs for added stability, a necessity for larger projects such as comforters.

If you need to lower or raise the feeding dogs, there is an adjustable slider on the back of the machine.

Then, the Brother CS6000i comes with nine presser feet that correspond to the 60 built-in stitches of the machine. To facilitate the sewing process, there is a simple lever mechanism to change the presser foot.

The hardest part is aligning the new presser foot with its support, but honestly, it’s still a piece of cake.

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Brother CS6000i Easy to use: Review

The ease of use was undoubtedly a pleasant surprise based on our review of the Brother CS6000i computerized sewing machine.

If you are buying a sewing machine to meet your sewing needs, at least, you will want to opt for a sewing machine that is not too complicated to use.

This Brother CS6000i sewing machine is one of the easiest sewing machines to operate.

Even a newbie who is completely new to the world of sewing could be working with this machine in minutes. Its manual is exceptional and has all the information you need to perform any task with this machine.

By reading the manual, you will be impressed by the level of detail and the direct instructions given to you. Beginners can sew sleeves and cuffs quickly 

Brother CS6000i Sewing speed: Review

Brother CS6000i Sewing speed

As they say, time is money and if you are in the sewing business, you would prefer a sewing machine that sews at higher speeds.

When it comes to sewing speeds, the Brother CS6000i is one of the best sewing machines that sew at super crazy speeds.

With a maximum sewing speed of 850 stitches per minute, its speed is nothing but outstanding.

It is important to keep in mind that, although this computerized sewing machine can sew at the speed of light, it can be adjusted to slow, medium and fast using the adjustable speed control to select the setting you prefer.

This feature is important, especially if you are working with thicker fabrics or if you find any difficulty in operating the pedal to obtain the required speeds.

Brother CS6000i Quilting: Review

Brother CS6000i Quilting

Quilters will enjoy using this sewing machine. When I was writing this Brother cs6000i review, I wanted to know if this machine was suitable for quilting. It definitely is! There is a large table to enlarge your work area.

This is great when you work on large quilts and other projects. The included walking foot will help you feed multiple layers of fabric more smoothly, the quilting foot helps you precisely position the quilting points and the quilting guide helps you make sure your quilting points are uniform.

Brother CS6000i Presser feet: Review

With all these different stitches available, you may wonder how many presser feet you will need to buy. Fortunately, the Brother cs6000i includes a number of presser feet when you buy the machine.

The presser feet included are the buttonhole foot, the coating foot, the monogramming foot, the zipper foot, the invisible stitch foot, the button foot, the walking foot and the spring-action padded food.

For quilters, you should purchase the 1/4 inch padding foot separately.

Automatic needle threader

Automatic needle threader

Now I would like to talk a little more about my favorite feature. At this moment with my very bad eyesight, this automatic threader is essential for me.

I think I will never consider buying a machine without an automatic needle threader. In other words, this feature is essential for me for a machine. I can no longer do it manually. Without it, I can’t sew either.

Do you think the thread will remain in the needle until you finish the entire sewing project? It is possible, but what are the possibilities, right? LOL …… If you’re like me, you should keep a sewing machine that has an automatic threader.

Durability and noise

Most people want to know how durable the machine is before buying it. Since Brother CS6000i is very resistant, it is a great option for you. In fact, this machine can work for years before buying a new one.

But that is not all! The noise level in this machine is incredibly low. However, it can get a bit noisy if you use it at high speed. Otherwise, Brother CS6000i is silent but has a high-speed needle with a low bobble.

Brother CS6000i infographic


With everything in mind, it is one of the most complete machines available, especially for beginners.

What Brother has managed to put in a sewing machine so light and compact is incredible? The CS6000i is a fantastic machine full of excellent features capable of performing high-quality jobs.

I think this is one of the best sewing machines available for beginners, however, it is also suitable for experienced users.

For those looking for a machine that is easier to use, regardless of their skill level, they will benefit greatly from this machine.

The CS6000i offers you fantastic value for our money, there is no better machine available in this price range.

For some users, they need to use more advanced programs, which is completely possible with this sewing machine.

Once you have advanced the level of the last beginner and want to learn more difficult techniques, you can learn these more advanced methods very quickly with this machine.

If you want to program the machine to do something more complicated, you can also do it. In fact, this machine may be an ideal machine for beginners, but they will not be beginners for a long time.

It can help you learn different techniques and working methods much faster than many of your rivals.

The lightweight and transport case is ideal to carry with you and its ease of use means that it is incredibly easy to use.

The LCD screen will allow you to keep up with what you are doing and make sure you are using the correct settings for the type of sewing you are doing.

This is a perfect machine for beginners with a wide variety of features suitable for many more experienced users that I highly recommend.

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Best Brother Sewing and Quilting Machine


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