Best Sewing Gifts idea You Like It 2019

In this list, you will find gifts for seamstresses. In total 13 different ideas to give to someone who likes sewing. You will find both sewing gifts and more original gifts.

I have made sure to include a little bit of everything so you can find at least one perfect gift idea.

Gifts For Sewing Lovers

01 – Mini iron

When sewing is done many times you need to iron an area, but your steam iron is not able to reach that area. This mini iron is great to be able to reach all those areas that are so complicated to reach.

It is the perfect accessory to finish any sewing project, especially for ironing corners. Do not think that being small will not do much good. It gets very hot so do not underestimate it.

02 – Calculator to estimate the amount of fabric needed

Whenever you start sewing you have to calculate how much fabric you will need, and it can usually lead to headaches.

But there is always something to make life much easier and when it comes to the world of sewing, this calculator is specifically created to calculate how much fabric you need. Besides saving time, it will help not to spend too much money on unnecessary cloth meters.

It can be set to work with the metric system. This is one of the gifts for more advanced seamstresses, so it may not be for everyone.

03 – Mini Portable Sewing Machine

Portable Sewing Machine - Mini Sewing Professional Cordless Sewing Handheld Electric

This portable mini sewing machine is perfect for many occasions. For example, some seams that with your normal machine are difficult to make because you can not get there.

Or if you’re going on a trip and one of the few pieces of clothing you have is suffering a minor accident and needs stitching.

A portable sewing machine like this one is perfect for those occasions and the most likely thing is that the person to whom you give it does not have one like that.

04 – Tailor soap

To make any tracing on the fabric you need a soap that leaves a mark without needing to exert just pressure and that is also very easy to erase.

And because it meets these characteristics, this soap is one of the best sellers and best valued by people who are dedicated to sewing. A very useful best sewing gifts.

05 – Sewing Kit

Every seamstress needs a sewing kit. Both to have in your own home and to take a trip with her as in the case of a kit like this, with a case of a perfect size to carry in the suitcase or a backpack.

It is also a cheap sewing gift and that the person to whom you give it will be used for several years as safe. A great sewing kit to give especially for fans of sewing because these may lack some of these accessories.

06 – Rotary cutter

Sewing scissors are not the best tool for cutting cloth many times. Many times trying to cut a piece with scissors can lead to not making a perfectly straight cut, or even spoil the entire project.

This cutter has a blade capable of cutting several layers of cloth at once, and the same with cardboard, cardboard, and others that the person needs to cut. Probably even a pizza, but better not try it if you do not want it to get dirty.

07 – Sewing machine

It may not be the most original gifts, but if the person to whom you give it has a sewing machine that fails and needs to be retired, then there is no better gift for a seamstress.

The singer is a manufacturer of sewing machines recognized throughout the world, and especially this model praised by all the people who have bought it.

08 – Sewing rule

There is little to say about this object. Any seamstress needs to use a ruler to make cuts and seams as straight as possible.

It is a very simple object but essential to have among your sewing set.

09 – Sewing books

It does not matter if the person to whom you want to make a gift is a beginner or professional seamstress, there are always techniques or tricks to learn or remember and the best thing for it is a book.

There is a large number of books on sewing. I am not going to recommend one, especially because, for example, if you know that it costs you to make purses, you will buy a book on how to sew handbags.

And the same with pants and others. So I leave a link to a huge collection of books to see if you find the one you think is most ideal for the person you’re going to give it to.

10 – 56 pieces of cotton

Giving cloth to people who do sewing is like seeing a small child opening Christmas presents.

A set like this with 56 pieces of 25cm x 25cm, with totally different designs from each other, is a great gift for a seamstress. A wide variety of fabrics with different patterns for all types of pieces.

11 – Adjustable dummy

Something that anyone who is dedicated to the world of sewing needs. With this adjustable dummy from size 42 to 50 (if you prefer sizes 36 to 44, click on this link) a seamstress can have a model as a basis to test if the measures she has taken are the right ones. Crucial for your work. That’s why giving a mannequin is a great idea.

12 – Silver pendant scissors

A very original article for people who are dedicated to sewing. A silver pendant with very cute scissors hanging.

A very cute and original gift with which you will be great if you prefer to give something that is not a tool for sewing. Jewels like that are some very good sewing gifts for women seamstresses. Or for seamstress mothers.

13 – French collection thimble

Maybe the person you want to make a gift for has a small collection of thimbles. Many seamstresses have their small collections. If so, or simply to make a detail that you can use to decorate, this thimble is a perfect idea.

You can also find more models in the link that I put you now. These are super original gifts for seamstresses with which you will always guess right.


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