best Sewing Machine Accessories List 2019

In this guide, you will find all the necessary information on what are the essential accessories for sewing machines or seaming machines. Add functionality to your machine, get it working like the first day or learn new ways of sewing.

The list of types of accessories is long and complex, so we make it easy for you by telling you all the ins and outs of this small world. With this guide, in addition to informing you, we intend to streamline the purchase process and always get it right.

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What are the accessories?

The accessories are secondary elements or instruments of the main device, (in this case, the sewing machines or the serger). These objects depend on the machine to work, because of their accessory nature, so they are auxiliary to it. They are used to optimize its operation and get the most out of it. The more accessories are used, you can give a more satisfactory use to your sewing machine or serger.

The accessories allow performing various specific tasks, which, without their use, would be more complicated or could not be performed. They are very practical tools that facilitate the task of sewing on the one hand, or the maintenance of your machine, on the other. Without these aids, the art of sewing would not be the same.

What are the essential accessories?

Presser’s foot

The presser foot is an indispensable accessory for our sewing machine or serger. Without it, our machine simply can not work. This object, as its name indicates, is responsible for holding or pressing the fabric we are sewing so that it remains in place. Being able to make a uniform seam.

Now, there are several examples of presses, designed to suit the many types of fabric. The purpose is to be able to perform an optimal seam on these and at the same time allowing certain details to be made, such as the seam of the closures, the hems, the gathers. In short, an endless number of specific details for which certain presses are adapted, creating a high fashion technique.

It must be said that the presser foot is one of the most expensive accessories, so it is convenient that the future machine that you buy includes as many as possible.


The needles are the fundamental pillar of sewing. It simply cannot sew without the use of them and is not an exception in sewing machines and sergers.  In which case, they present a more robust and resistant form, adapted to the machine with which they work. This accessory has the task of crossing the fabric and perforating it, carrying the thread with each stitch in a precise and masterful way.

Constantly new generations of sewing machines and seaming machines come to the market with new and better technologies. These machines are stronger and faster, therefore they arise just with them stronger and better quality needles to operate satisfactorily and ensure they last over time.

Transport Bag

The transport bag is the best friend of your best sewing machine, your soul mate, your compliment. Do you already have a machine? Excellent! But do not you still have a transport bag? wrong!. Why? Simply because the transport bag is the one that takes care of and protects your machine so that it does not deteriorate. And not only when transporting it from one place to another, if you only have it at home, it is also important not to leave it exposed.

The transport bag also provides comfort. You can enter your machine there and also has different compartments where you can store the necessary accessories. In addition, they are beautiful and who does not like their things look good?

Maintenance Tools

Every electrical device requires maintenance every so often so that it performs its functions optimally. If your sewing machine or serger presents a problem, however small it may be and it is not solved briefly, this problem will cause others and the damage will be greater.

On the other hand, it is not advisable to wait for the machine to signal any damage from use, on the contrary, the ideal is to perform constant maintenance to keep it in very good condition and working perfectly. There are several accessories that are used for the maintenance of sewing machines or sergers, then we name them.


When it comes to maintenance or repair of an artifact, you can not miss a screwdriver and with sewing machines and sergers, it is no exception. Screwdrivers are extremely useful. Its function is to detach the screws that are subject to the structure of the machine and that keep it armed. In this way, we can open it to perform the maintenance work required.

The screwdriver is a very necessary tool and is the most used. Once the maintenance work is done, it will make the task of adjusting the screws a lot easier.


All appliances need cleaning every certain period of time. This will keep them running in optimal conditions. Well, machines are no exception. Of this, it will depend that they can carry out the work of sewing without greater effort and in the same conditions that they did when they were new.

A sewing machine or serger that is periodically cleaned will have a much longer life than a machine that has been neglected. The machines usually accumulate lint and dust inside. Although you have it protected with a case or a carrying bag, there will always be times when it is exposed.

Prior to cleaning, you must have the necessary accessories. For example, a brush to remove the dust, the screwdriver, oil, and a small cloth to clean. It is advisable to check the operation of the main parts of the machine. Such as the needle bar, the crab and crab box, the heights of the bars and the feed systems, before starting with maintenance.


Oil is a maintenance tool for our machine to which we must pay a lot of attention. In no way can it be overlooked! Since the operation of our machine will be directly proportional to the maintenance that is made to the gears.

How is this maintenance done? With oiling, of course.

As we make use of our machine, it is losing the grease in its gears (they make it work in optimal conditions). For this reason, it is very important to keep them lubricated. But, do you want the oiling of your machine to be effective ? then you must use quality oil, the generic oils do not meet the objective in the same way as a brand and long, could be harmful to your machine.


And what would we do without the practical sewers? Indispensable for those who love accessories. With it we can have everything organized in its corresponding compartments, being able to customize it to our liking. They come in all shapes, colors, and sizes so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. In our store, we have several sewing kits that, for a little money, will save us space and displeasure when it comes to finding the accessory we want.


At the time of making a seam, there is a starting point: the design. We do not put the fabric under the machine or serger and start sewing without any predetermined pattern, because the final result would not make sense.

Before carrying out the art of sewing, we create a design either in our mind or on paper and from that point, we start to work. The design will always depend on what the confection that is being executed is treated. There are accessories to facilitate the completion of work.


Whether you dedicate yourself to the art of sewing in a professional way or do it as a hobby and be an amateur, a mannequin will definitely make the job easier. You can give your clothes a better finish and you’ll have fun in the process.

The mannequins are very important at the time of making garments because these allow molding the fabric on them. You can see how the design looks, without having to try it on a person; to study the different falls of the fabric and how it will fit to the body; in short, it is an advantage that you should definitely take advantage of and make your design as it was expected, without last-minute surprises when you try it on a person.


There is a book for everything, with innumerable contents, with information ready to reach the palm of our hands. In sewing, it is not an exception, there is a whole world of seams to be exposed to us. Waiting to be read, explored.

Everything you need to know about sewing, from step one (learn to sew) to endless ideas to make with the sewing machine and the serger. What you want to know you can learn with good reading and selecting the right book. There is no need for you to go to a course or take sewing lessons so you can continue investing and testing new machines and accessories.

How are the accessories sold?

At Mundo Costuras we care about your needs and satisfaction. It is for this reason that we present diversity in the purchase options of the accessories. That they are essential so that you can exercise the art of sewing fully.

In this way, we offer accessories that you can buy per unit, as well as some that are presented in a pack. To help you choose which one suits your needs, we tell you a little about the benefits and disadvantages of each option.

Individual Accessories

  • You can buy the just amount you need.
  • You can check that the product you buy adapts to your needs without the need to waste money if it is not the right one.
  • If you do not have a lot of money, this option fits your pocket.
  • When buying detailed accessories you do not enjoy the discount that you generate by buying it in a pack.
  • If you need another, you will have to make the purchase again, having to cancel the shipping costs again.

Accessories in Pack

  • Some kits come with varied accessories, thus adapting to the different tasks that are required.
  • When buying a package, the cost per unit will be cheaper.
  • You will have a spare in case you need one again.
  • You can forget about canceling a second shipment.
  • If you do not read the description of the product carefully and that this is the one you really need, you will have paid for accessories that you will not use.
  • If you need only one piece, you will be canceled a surplus of money.

Are the accessories suitable for all sewing machines?

In Mundo Costuras we present a wide range of accessories, some of these are generic. That is to say, they are adaptable both for sewing machines and for sergers; while others are manufactured especially for each of them and can not be used in the other.

In each description of the product, the model is indicated and for which machine it is intended. It is the accessory manufacturer who specifies whether it can be adapted to both machines or is limited to only one of them.

Should I buy accessories for my sewing?

Of course yes. It is highly recommended to have all the accessories required for our sewing machine or serger. It is not so much a taste, but more a necessity. Accessories such as maintenance tools are essential in our sewing workshop, keep the machine in optimal condition and working in an excellent way.

On the other hand, a mishap can always occur and an accessory that we have in use can be damaged or lost. That is why it is very important to always have spare accessories. Otherwise, we will most likely have to stop our sewing work until we get a replacement and you would not want that to happen. It is preferable to be prepared!