Why you should learn to sew

10 Good Reasons to Learn to Sew

I have been thinking a lot lately about how and why people today want to learn to sew. Certainly, the economic crisis has restarted the hands and the ingenuity of many, so much so that more and more people have begun to look with sympathy and interest in DIY with a needle, thread, and sewing machine.

The luckiest ones – and I put myself among them – have learned to have a little more confidence with scissors and fabrics while looking at their mother or grandmother and dream of one day being able to press on the pedal of the sewing machine with the same safety as a formula one driver.

On the other hand, the less fortunate either do not know how to hold a needle in their hand or have a sewing machine but use it only as a nice ornament and, even if they want to learn, they refrain from starting. Are you one of those? Do you need a push and two words of conviction? I’ll give you 10!

Why you should learn to sew

1- Why you save

Maybe I  shouldn’t even tell you, but do you have any idea how much you can save when you can fix the clothes of the whole family? Hemming a pair of pants, fixing a broken zipper, or remodeling clothes you don’t wear anymore will save you a lot of money. Also consider that if you find in a shop a dress that is cheap or that you like, if you know how to sew you will not have to give it up just because it “doesn’t fit”.

2- Because it is pure satisfaction

Doing it yourself is a personal satisfaction that has no equal. Whether you’re repairing an old suit or sewing a new one, knowing how to sew increases your self-esteem, stimulates your creativity, and makes you feel useful. Ergo, your mood will (almost) always be sky-high.

3- To be unique

All the things you will do by sewing, only you will have them. Every time you make changes to a garment, every time you buy a fabric that you like, every time you make something for your home, you will follow your tastes and your style and this will allow you to customize everything that will pass through yours. hands.

4- Because it makes you independent

Think how nice it is not to have to ask the seamstress, your mother-in-law, your aunt, or your grandmother anymore“uh … do you have a moment to shorten the baby’s pants?”

5- Because it is eco-friendly

For your sewing projects, you can buy fabrics such as linen, silk, wool, and 100% cotton colored with natural colors. A nice way to live don’t you think?

6- Because it is relaxing.

Looking, touching, passing a fabric under the sewing machine, and seeing it transform into something useful, is a hobby that involves so much that you forget what stress is (but if your sewing machine jams often, show it … )

7- Because it is self-produced

Do you need new cushions, a kitchen apron, curtains for the bedroom or a cape for the winter? Your hands can produce what you need. Just a scrap of fabric, needle, and thread, and a little good will.

8- Because it will suit you when you are away from home

If you travel often there is a good chance that there will come a time when one of your clothes will have a problem (a hem comes off, a button comes off, a zipper breaks). If you know how to sew, you can solve it by always carrying small sewing set with you.

9- Because you can turn it into a job.  If you see that you like sewing if you see that you are

good and sewing for you and your family is no longer enough, invest in this passion and make it a job. You can start doing chores for your friends and neighbors who, if they are happy, will certainly spread the word.
At first, maybe someone will pay you with a dozen fresh eggs, but then who knows, what comes from what …

10- Because you can start when you want. Even now!

And do you know how to sew? I’m really curious to know how you think and why and why you learned to sew or would like to start sewing.

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